Harry Gold Parkway

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The Harry Gold Parkway in Las Venturas, San Andreas

The Harry Gold Parkway is a major road part of the Julius Thruway freeway system encircling Las Venturas, San Andreas. The road bisects the city into eastern and western portions, and connects Julius Thruway North with Julius Thruway South. The Harry Gold Parkway is an extension of the major highway connecting Las Venturas with Los Santos, and terminates at The Mako Span. It services Las Venturas Airport, the Redsands West and Redsands East districts, and is only minutes west of The Strip.


  • The Harry Gold Parkway can have two etymologies. The first etymology can name it after Harry Gold, a laboratory chemist who was convicted of being the "courier" for a number of Soviet spy rings during the Manhattan Project. The second etymology can name it after a German-Romanian-British dixieland musician who was mostly active during the 1930s-1950s. There is a EastEnders character named Harry Gold, but this Harry Gold made his first appearance in a 2010 episode.