Las Venturas Airport

Las Venturas Airport
Appearances Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Location Las Venturas, San Andreas
Hub for Juank Air

The Las Venturas Airport (LVA), also known as the Bone County Airport, is a Las Venturas airport in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, based on the real-life McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The airport is located south of Redsands West, north of the LVA Freight Depot, east of Blackfield and west of The High Roller. Although the airport is officially known as the Las Venturas Airport, the terminal's frontal signage reads "Welcome to Las Venturas / Bone County Airport", alluding to an alternate name implying the airport also serves Bone County, which Las Venturas borders to the west. On the south-east corner of the area is a closed freight gate, as well as the "Las Venturas Flight School", which is not the pilot school that the player attends.

The player can purchase Juank Air flights to and from Los Santos International Airport and Easter Bay Airport, but no flights actually take off or land without the player investigating it. Also located within the airport is a marker for the Las Venturas Checkpoint Races in where the player can access six different aircraft checkpoint races, provided they have completed Driving School and the Verdant Meadows' flight classes.

There are two Shamals, a Leviathan, and several Dodos parked at the airport, along a massive hanger that houses an AT-400, the only flyable one in the game.


Las Venturas airport has two runways but no taxiways. The main terminal lies to the east of the airport grounds with multiple gates in sight. The east runway is just slightly longer than the west runway, therefore the east runway is used in the cutscene where the user purchases a flight to either Los Santos International Airport or Easter Bay Airport in San Fierro.

Item spawns


  • ZR-350: Parked in the parking lot.
  • Dodo (5): Two are parked together at the north end of the runways. Two more are facing opposite directions south of the Shamals. The fifth is at the very end of the runway, near the hospital.
  • Shamal (2): Parked together at the west of the runway.
  • Leviathan: Parked near the two Shamals.
  • AT-400: Inside the large hangar. Must be entered from the platform, otherwise inaccessible.

Weapons and pickups



The Las Venturas Airport Hospital, located in the north east corner of LVA, is where the player respawns if they are killed within the Las Venturas area.