Hospital Scrubs

Niko Bellic wearing the hospital scrubs in GTA IV.

The hospital scrubs is an unlockable outfit in Grand Theft Auto IV for protagonist Niko Bellic.


The scrubs is a medical outfit as worn by nurses and orderlies in medical wards, consisting of a green shirt, a white long-sleeved undershirt, light blue slacks (identical to those worn on the Scrubs outfit), white tennis shoes (identical to those sold at Modo), a stethoscope around the neck, and a nametag bearing Niko Bellic's headshot.

The scrubs is central to "Flatline", where it is featured as a disguise that the player can optionally wear by entering the target hosptial's dressing room. If the player chooses to wear it for the mission, the outfit will be added to the player's wardrobe upon completion of the mission. Otherwise, the player will have to tend to more police attention, in addition to not having the outfit added into the wardrobe.

Like other clothing in the game, changing into the outfit will not clear the player's wanted level in any way. Also, due to its use in "Flatline", the outfit is one of only two in the game (alongside the Albanian biker jacket) that has any influence in gameplay outside comments from girlfriends and friends.

When browsing in the wardrobe, the outfit always comes as an entire set encompassing the abovementioned articles of clothing. However, the player may augment the outfit by changing the outfit's footwear as well as add a pair of glasses or a hat after browsing into the outfit; the footwear will be reset once the player browses to another outfit, while the glasses and hat are removed when browsing into individual top pieces (but, strangely, not when browsing from individual top pieces to full outfits). Once the player exits the wardrobe interface wearing the outfit, they can return to the wardrobe interface and additionally modify the outfit's tops and bottoms, similar to other full-body outfits in the game.

Although a pair white tennis shoes similar to the Modo white tennis shoes comes with the outfit, the player cannot wear them for other clothing combinations if they did not buy any white tennis shoes from Modo, unless they do not change the shoes after selecting the outfit.