Ice-Cream Van

An Ice-Cream Van in GTA 2.

The Ice-Cream Van is, as implied, an ice cream van in Grand Theft Auto 2.


The Ice-Cream Van is an extended Van-based vehicle with the cargo hold sporting a giant ice cream cone on its roof. The vehicle is analogous to the Hot Dog Van, which is based on the same vehicle and feature similar proportions. The Ice-Cream Van is unique in that it is capable of playing an ice cream jingle, which would later be included into the Mr Whoopee throughout much of its appearances.

The vehicle's performance is predictably poor, with a below average top speed and steering. The van does, however, possess good acceleration and average brakes. It weight may also be used to its advantage to push aside smaller vehicles on the road. In comparison to the Hot Dog Van, however, the Ice-Cream Van is slightly lighter, but poorer in both its acceleration and top speed.

As the van is too large, it cannot be crushed for any reward.


The Ice-Cream Van only spawns in the Commercial District of Anywhere City.

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