A Van in GTA 2 (In-game, with lights).

The Van is a vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.


As implied, the vehicle is a large freight van presumably designed for both commercial and industrial use, and thus is designed with a heavily utilitarian and chunky appearance. The van may also be used to carry passengers, with the back compartment accessible via a pair of sliding doors at the sides.

The Van's performance is unimpressive. Being large and moderately heavy, the vehicle is only capable of average top speeds, mediocre acceleration and sensitive but heavy controls, due largely to weight. The vehicle's braking, however, is acceptable. Its large size also makes the vehicle unsuitable for crushing.


The Van's driver's cab serves as the basis of multiple vehicles of similar size in GTA 2, including:


The Van is commonplace in all districts of Anywhere City (including the Downtown, Residential and Industrial Districts).