Jamaican Heat

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Jamaican Heat
Niko Bellic talking to Roman Bellic inside his taxi depot.

Niko Bellic talking to Roman Bellic inside his taxi depot.
For Roman Bellic
Location Broker

  • Jacob dies
  • Niko dies or gets arrested
  • Roman's taxi is destroyed
Reward $150
Unlocks Uncle Vlad
Concrete Jungle
Unlocked by Easy Fare

Jamaican Heat is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic from his cab depot on Cisco Street in Schottler, Broker, Liberty City. It is unlocked by the mission Easy Fare.

Roman is busy taking calls as Niko walks in. Roman wants Niko to pick up Little Jacob on Oneida Avenue in South Slopes.

This mission introduces firearms (handguns to be exact) to the player, and briefs on the cover system. Submachine guns are also (unofficially) introduced as an SMG spawn point can be found at the shootout location.


Niko picks up Little Jacob and Little Jacob wants Niko to drive over to Dillon Street in Schottler. Little Jacob has heard from Roman that Niko has experience with weapons, so Jacob asks him to watch over a meeting he has planned, and gives him a handgun to do so.

Three gang members turn up, but Little Jacob expected only one. They open fire on Little Jacob, prompting Niko to open fire too. After they are killed, another gang member appears on the roof. Niko shoots him off the roof. Little Jacob is impressed at Niko's shooting skills and gives him his number so they can work together later on, and now wants Niko to drive him to the Homebrew Cafe.


  • After the shootout, and before leaving with Jacob, be sure to pick up the weapons dropped by the gang members. Also do not miss an SMG stashed on a ledge behind and to the left of where Jacob takes cover (you will need to climb up next to a skylight to reach it). At this early stage of the game, the weaponry obtained (and remembering the spawn point for the SMG) will come in handy. (You may not have time to obtain the weapons if the shootout leaves you with a wanted level.)
  • Occasionally the gang's car will block Niko's vehicle in the alley way; simply steal it instead of using Niko's car.

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