Easy Fare

Easy Fare
Vladimir Glebov talking to Niko and Roman Bellic.
Vladimir Glebov talking to Niko and Roman Bellic.

Vladimir Glebov talking to Niko and Roman Bellic.
For Roman Bellic
Location Hove Beach
Fail Destruction of Roman's cab.
Death of Jermaine Andrews.
Reward $100
Unlocks Bull in a China Shop
Jamaican Heat
Unlocked by Bleed Out

Easy Fare is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is given to protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic from his cab depot.


At Roman's cab depot, Vlad is telling Mallorie that she could just leave Roman, when Niko enters. Treating him as what he calls a "yokel", Vlad asks Niko for a cup of coffee, to which Niko refuses. Roman walks in to interrupt the scene, and Vlad suggests he and Niko do him a few favors to pay off his debts. After Vlad leaves, Roman asks Niko to pick up a regular customer, Jermaine Andrews.

Niko drives to Jermaine's apartment at Rotterdam Hill and picks him up. He asks Niko to take him to Masterson St in Hove Beach. During the drive, Jermaine explains that he needs Niko's help to transport some shipment of stolen auto parts in the lockup that he intends to resell. They drive to the lockup, where Jermaine notices that the door is open. After inspectioning, the Police suddenly appear. Jermaine quickly gets into the car so the two can escape.

Niko evades the cops until finally losing them. Jermaine asks Niko to leave him at the spray shop Native American Engines. Along the way, Niko tells Jermaine that he is looking for someone at Liberty City, and Jermaine whishes him luck on that. When they arrive, Jermaine gets out of the car and Niko calls Roman to informs him he completed his task.

Later, Vlad will call Niko demanding him to go to Comrades Bar. Roman will call too, telling Niko he and a friend are making prank calls to the cops.


The player gets $100. In addition, Spray Shops are available for use.

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  • During the cutscene where Jermaine checks his depot and the cops show up, the game will trigger a tutorial explaining the player about wanted ratings. This turorial will also be triggered if the player gets any wanted rating before doing the mission.