O'Neil Farm

The O'Neil Farm is a farm located in Grapeseed in Blaine County, San Andreas. It is the home of the O'Neil Brothers as well as their base of operations for their methamphetamine lab. The farm was destroyed by Trevor Philips as revenge for stealing a potential contract with the Triads.

Events of the HD Universe

After Tao Cheng and his translator meet with Trevor at the Yellow Jack Inn, Tao's translator reveals that Tao's father, Wei Cheng, decided to work with the O'Neil Brothers, most likely spurred by the attack on Trevor's meth lab by the Los Varrios Aztecas. In a rage, Trevor races to the O'Neil Farm, with Elwood calling him to say that the Triads wanting to work with the O'Neils is just business. Before Elwood leaves to meet with the Triads along with Walton and Wynn, Elwood tells his other kin to defend the meth lab as Trevor is on his way to destroy it; however, Trevor manages to wipe out most of the O'Neil clan and destroy the farm house by burning the meth lab in the basement. Some time after Trevor pulls off The Merryweather Heist, Elwood calls Trevor, saying that he will get revenge for his destroyed farm and dead brothers.