Yellow Jack Inn

The Yellow Jack Inn is a tavern located in Blaine County, south of Sandy Shores in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The player can play Darts at the bar and is the only location available for said activity. The Yellow Jack Inn is owned by Janet.

Events of the HD Universe

Trevor Philips meets with Tao Cheng and his translator at the bar to set up a deal where Trevor supplies the Cheng Triad with methamphetamine. After Trevor's meth lab is attacked by the Los Varrios Aztecas, Trevor meets the the Triads again in hopes of sealing the deal; however, Tao's translator reveals that they are planning to ally with the O'Neil Brothers instead. Some time later, Trevor meets the "Civil Border Patrol", who are comprised of Joe and Josef, to find "illegal immigrants" at the bar.


  • Despite being supposedly banned by the proprietor for causing violence, Trevor can still enter the bar to play darts or go on a drinking outing.
  • Despite the presence of a billiards table in the back of the bar, the player cannot play pool.