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The following is a walkthrough for the mission One Last Thing in Grand Theft Auto IV.

After killing/sparing Darko in the last mission, Jimmy contacts you via telephone. Pegorino says on the phone that he needs to talk to Niko. Head over to the strip club in Tudor, Alderney.

In the cutscene, Niko relaxes at the mini-bar inside the club. Pegorino walks up to him and explains that he is ordering Niko to do a deal with his nemesis, Dimitri Rascalov. Niko is very reluctant to do the deal - something with Dimitri and heroin doesn't sound correct. However, Niko is forced to do the deal, so he agrees.

The cutscene ends and Niko goes outside the strip club. He phones his cousin Roman. Roman tells Niko he knows all about the deal and also knows the hideout of Dimitri. Niko realizes that now he can just kill Dimitri and forget about the deal. Roman begs against this and thinks Niko should leave his life of violence behind and get money for Roman and Mallorie's Honeymoon.

Niko phones Kate. She advises Niko to steer clear of the deal. Kate doesn't think he should sacrifice his principles for money. Niko informs Kate that he'll talk to her later and the game prompts the player to choose between Revenge or Deal. Niko can kill Dimitri or be the bigger man and walk away.

The reward is the same for the Revenge and Deal mission chain regardless of your morality choices in the game. Make your choice. Go to the $ sign for Deal, and go to the dagger icon for Revenge. The last 3 missions of the game differ depending on your choice.

The decision made by the player decides which of the two endings will take place.