That Special Someone

That Special Someone
Niko and Roman meet Darko.
Niko and Roman meet Darko.

Niko and Roman meet Darko.
For United Liberty Paper
Target Darko Brevic (let him live or kill him)
Location Firefly Island, BOABO & Francis International Airport
Fail Player death, player busted, Roman Bellic
Reward An Xbox 360 achievement or a PS3 trophy
Unlocks One Last Thing
Unlocked by Weekend at Florian's, Pest Control & Liquidize the Assets

That Special Someone is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. In this mission, Niko Bellic finally finds Darko Brevic with some help from the U.L. Paper contact and Jon Gravelli.


Niko and Roman meet Darko in the airport runway tied up by U.L. Paper. U.L. Paper drives off and leaves Niko to kill Darko Brevic or let him run away. After you make your decision, Niko drives Roman to Brucie's house and calls Bernie Crane to inform him of the situation.

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  • This is one of the few missions where Niko possibly cries or holds in his tears. This is heard when he finds out that Darko killed his friends for $1,000. While evidently choked up, he replies - "You killed my friends for one thousand dollars?!"
  • If the player spares Darko, by following Darko as he takes off, he will run along the tarmac into the sea and then back onto the land.
  • Furthermore, if Darko is spared, and the player tails Darko, even if Darko dies an accidental death (e.g. being ran over by cars in the airport), the game will treat it as if Niko had killed Darko.
  • If you choose to execute Darko, he says after a few shots: "Thank you".
  • If you execute Darko with a Desert Eagle, which only holds 9 bullets, Niko will still fire 12 shots without reloading.
  • The call to Florian (Bernie) after the mission differs, naturally, depending on the choice made. Notable, however, is that Niko's words seem to indicate that he is bidding farewell to Florian altogether if the player chooses to kill Darko, in contrast to his plans to "see him soon" if the player walks away.
  • This Mission along with Three Leaf Clover is regarded as a favorite by players and few even say that it should be the final mission.
  • The line 'I am the one who survived' was seen in some trailers ,the TV spots,and often quoted by players.
  • If the player kills Darko with a molotov, he will run around on fire screaming, collapse and die, get up and fall down again.
  • If the player is already at Funland before calling Roman, Roman will spawn falling from the air after the call.
  • After dealing with Darko, when Niko and Roman drive away, Niko will utter that he doesn't want to hear DJs and ads, so he turns off the car radio; this is the only time in the game in which Niko unilaterally turns off the radio. Oddly, he will still say this even if the player has already turned the radio off.
  • After this mission, Niko no longer receives phone calls from U.L. Paper berating him after he goes on a five- or six-star wanted level rampage.