Opium Nights

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Opium Nights is a hotel in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is just across the road from The Libertonian and it is mentioned several times. It is believed that Harvey Noto, the Don of the Messina Family, met his consigliere Harry Hall through a high class prostitution ring he ran in this hotel.

Claude Wome once rented all the rooms out in this hotel so he could go to breakfast naked.

Jill Von Crastenburg was videotaped giving oral sex to a valet at Opium Nights. It made the rounds on electrictit.com, but was soon taken down by site admins. It's is apparently shot in night vision, similar to Paris Hilton's sex tape '1 Night in Paris'. According to the comments on the video, Von Crastenburg was sending a text message the entire time, and that she was also only 13 at the time the video was shot, making it child pornography.