Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Rudy D'Avanzo
Target Jimmy Capra's men
Fail D'Avanzo dies.
Reward $250
Unlocks A Rude Awakening
Unlocked by Evidence Dash

Oversights is the final mission Rudy D'Avanzo gives to Huang Lee in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


(A meeting with D'Avanzo)

Huang: Have you got the copy of that recording for my boss.

D'Avanzo: What recording?

Huang: The one that proves Capra is the Fed rat.

D'Avanzo: Oh, that one. Relax! As soon as we're done you can have it.

Huang: Done?

D'Avanzo: Capra wants to meet me for peace talks. But, the only peace I'm gonna give him is 'rest in peace'!

Huang: Cool pun! I bet you've been working on that all day.

D'Avanzo: And I want you there, making sure the right guy gets shot.

(D'Avanzo's plan)

D'Avanzo: The meeting's just between me and Capra: I should be able to handle him but there's a sniper rifle on the roof for you just in case things turn a little sour. I'll take the car.

(D'Avanzo's meeting with Capra)

D'Avanzo: Hey, Capra! ...Where are you? I hope you come alone like we agreed.

Capra: Of course I did, Rudy - you know me - I'm a man of honor.

D'Avanzo: Must be nice to have that luxury they can write that on your tombstone. Hey! What are these fucks doing here?

Capra: Maybe you should plan your own obituary first, friend.