A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening
Huang overhearing a conversation.
Huang overhearing a conversation.

Huang overhearing a conversation.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Hsin Jaoming
Target Rudy D'Avanzo
Location Algonquin
Fail Death, letting D'Avanzo escape.
Unlocks Wi-Find
Unlocked by Oversights

A Rude Awakening is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to the protagonist by Hsin Jaoming.


Hsin tells Huang that his friendship with the Messina Family is "in the toilet" because of him. Huang tries to convince Hsin that there's a recording of Jimmy Capra talking to the FIB. Hsin tells Huang that there's no such recording, and that Rudy D'Avanzo has a longstanding vendetta against the family, and that he should just go kill him to get revenge.

After Huang goes through D'Avanzo's previous locations, he finds his car outside of a store. Huang rushes inside, and hears a conversation between D'Avanzo and his assistant. D'Avanzo tells his assistant that he was tricking Huang into believing that Capra was talking to the FIB. Huang says something, and when he opens the door, he's frozen in surprise. D'Avanzo is seen in a dress wearing lipstick, and says "Fuck you! My father used to look at me like that! So fucking judgemental!" After the phrase, Huang is still shocked, and his assistant points a gun at him, saying "Stop judging my boss, you bitch!" Rudy plans to escape by car while the assistant tries to kill Huang. Huang kills the assistant and eventually gets his revenge when he kills Rudy.

A trick to do this mission is to use a car to block Rudy's car or to hit it with another car, so Rudy will just run and will be easier for you to waste.


Sometimes after D'Avanzo says that his father used to look at him like Huang did, there will be no more text in the cutscene after that point. This is random, but happens frequently.


(At Hsin's Residence)

Hsin: You are pushing me beyond breaking point, Huang! My truce with the Messina family is now in the toilet thanks to you!

Huang: Capra's so full of shit, that's the best place for it. I think he's the rat, and I may have proof.

Hsin: Really? And what 'proof' do you have?

Huang: Rudy D'Avanzo got a digital recording of Capra talking to the Feds.

Hsin: And have you heard this recording?

Huang: ...Well, not exactly.

Hsin: You naive fucking child! There is no recording! D'Avanzo has a longstanding vendetta with the Messinas and he's using you as his muscle. I don't know what shit D'Avanzo's been feeding you but if you want to extricate yourself from this mess eliminate him immediately.

Huang: But...

Hsin: Either that or I will have to make alternative arrangements.

(Confronting D'Avanzo)

D'Avanzo: That's the kind of cut I'm looking for fucking, ay! That's nice. What do you think, kid?

Goomba: It's a little too dramatic for me, Rudy.

D'Avanzo: You want drama, kid? I've got this gook, a real fucking idiot Triad, running around stirring up all kind of trouble for Capra. I don't know if it's comedy or tragedy, but it's real dramatic.

Goomba: You've got a Triad hitting the Messinas, Rudy? I thought they were friends with the noodle-pushers.

D'Avanzo: They are - which just makes it funnier. I told this gook that Capra was ratting the Triads out to the Feds, and he was so desperate to nail this rat he just believe me.

Goomba: Heh! Heh! Fucking simpleton.

Huang: You think you're so fucking cle... (Huang sees that D'Avanzo is wearing a dress)

D'Avanzo: ...Fuck you! My father used to look at me like that! So fucking judgemental!

Huang: ...?

Goomba: Stop judging my boss, you bitch!

Mission Replay description

"D'Avanzo was screwing with me. Capra wasn't the FIB rat!

Those two guys have been fighting each other for years. D'Avanzo was just using me to get to him.

Now Hsin's really pissed at me! ...I made D'Avanzo pay for that."