Penal Ties!

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Penal Ties!
Game GTA 2
For Billy Bob Bean
Location Mobile RV Park, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $70,000

Penal Ties!, also known as Alma Mater Return!, is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Redneck boss Billy Bob Bean. The mission is the second job available from the red Redneck phone in the Mobile RV Park of the Residential District.


Billy Bob Bean wants revenge on the guards at Alma Mater Prison for his past experiences. Claude is arrested to get inside the facility, then locates Billy Bob's contact, The Hump, who hands him a keycard to the Guard Room. Claude gets a uniform and weapon from there before killing the prison's guards and starting a riot. He then destroys the front gates, escapes with a Special Agent Car and returns to the Mobile RV Park.


Billy Bob Bean: "Hey, Rooster, it's Billy Bob. I had me some bad times with the Alma Mater Prison Guards some years ago and now it's time for payback. Only first we gotta get you inside..."

Billy Bob Bean: "You want to get inside Alma Mater, boy, you need to get arrested. The Cops have to think you are sellin' Beany Liquor."

Billy Bob Bean: "Meet our Liquor-Man outside the Strip Club and the Cops will soon find you. We will make contact inside Alma Mater."

(Claude drives to Billy Bob's contact and gets in his car)

Liquor-Man: "I heard you got some Beany Liquor for me?"

(4 squad cars suddenly converge on the car and arrest Claude)

Billy Bob Bean: "Not bad, son, you made it inside. Now locate The Hump - he's got your instructions."

(Claude locates The Hump and talks to him)

The Hump: "You made it! Hot DAMN! Take this here Emergency Keycard and get a uniform and a S-Uzi Machine Gun from the Guard Room."

(Claude finds the Guard Room and enters it)

Billy Bob Bean: "The Prisoners will start riotin' when you start shootin'. When the riot starts you kill all the guards."

(Claude fights his way through the prisoners and kills all 8 guards)

Billy Bob Bean: "Super shootin', Rooster. You need to use the Emergency Keycard on the locking mechanisms to blow open the prison gates."

(Claude finds both locking mechanisms and blows them up)

Billy Bob Bean: "Hey, Rooster, the gates are open! Hot DAMN - the bridge is still up! You are gonna have to use a vehicle to cross that there gap."

(Claude jacks a Special Agent Car and uses it to jump the bridge out of the prison)

Billy Bob Bean: "The Cops are lookin' for you now, Rooster. Get over to Disgracelands and change clothes."

(Claude evades the police, escapes to the Mobile RV Park and changes clothes in the garage)

Billy Bob Bean: "Yee-ha! Them butt-slappin', shit-suckin' guards are face down for the last time. Rooster, you really are a trouble-maker extraordinaire! Here - you take this $70,000."


Completing the mission will give you $70,000.

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