Special Agent Car

A Special Agent Car in GTA 2.

The Special Agent Car is a government law enforcement car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.



The Special Agent Car is a law enforcement vehicle used by unspecified "Special Agents" in Anywhere City, the equivalent to high-level government law enforcement agencies, and the predecessor to the FBI and FIB.

The car is actually based on a civilian Eddy 2-door sedan, sharing the same vehicle deltas, but otherwise possessing separate performance stats. Other distinguishable features on the car include its black body color (which is not available for the Eddy), and a red strobe light which is attached to or detached from the roof by a hand that pops out from the driver's side window. When used against the player, it unloads two special agents with one armed with a Shotgun, and one with a Silenced Machine Gun.


While seemingly fast when used against the player, the car is in fact similar in performance to the Eddy when driven. The car has an above average speed similar to the Eddy's but a slightly less delayed rate of acceleration. The car also possesses slightly improved cornering, but similarly average brakes. In terms of durability, however, the Special Agent Car stacks up much more than an Eddy, being one of a few vehicles in the game that can withstand a rocket hit if still in perfect condition. The Special Agent Car also is the only car, apart from the Wellard, which gives the Respect pickup when crushed.


The vehicle can be only found where it is possible to obtain five police heads, including the Residental or Industrial Districts of Anywhere City. Completing the Wang Cars side quest in the Residential District also results in one Special Agent Car spawning at the Wang Cars compound.

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