Purple Haze

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Purple Haze
The dealers ambushing the scene.

The dealers ambushing the scene.
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Gonzalez
Location Vice Point, Vice City
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Kill Phil: Part 2 (after completing Say Cheese)
Unlocked by Home's on the Range

Purple Haze is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Gonzalez from Ducum Inn at Vice Point, Vice City.


Vic goes to Gonzalez' apartment in Vice Point, after a short talk he informs him of some drugs in a lockup at Ocean Beach and he wants Vic to take them to a deal at Washington Beach. Once Vic arrives to the supposedly meeting point a Linerunner suddenly drives at full speed crashing into him. Vic, high on drugs, wakes up and receives a message from Gonzalez' who asks him how has the deal been. He goes to a nearby payphone informing Gonzalez' about the hit and Gonzalez' furiously tells him to kill the one's who stole it and take the drugs back to the original lockup. The attackers are over at a party in Starfish Island, Vic makes his way over there and kills all the enemies. He, then, takes the van and drives it over to the lockup while he's high on drugs. Upon arriving at the lockup in time, Gonzalez' thanks him for getting the drugs back and tells him about the end of their friendship.


(Vic, Gonzalez' at a hotel.)

Gonzalez: Ah, Vic, my friend. I've a small side deal requiring a sensitive touch.

Victor Vance: Sensitive?

Gonzalez: Let's just say I'd rather my boss didn't find out about this... heh, or my men, for that matter.

Victor Vance: Let me guess - you've cut your Colonel's coke to make a side profit.

Gonzalez: Sssh. Vic, please... This is, after all, the land of opportunity.

Victor Vance: I don't care who you rip off, Gonzalez, as long as it's not me.

Gonzalez: Bueno. The drugs are at Ocean Beach. Take them to the deal in Washington.

(Vic drives over to the deal while a truck attacks him.)

Victor Vance: What the fuck?!

Attacker #1: You hit the van too hard! The drugs have gone everywhere! There's more on this dude than in the back!

Attacker #2: Quit whining. Let's just get this shit up to the party on Starfish. We've got bitches waiting.

(Vic wakes up and receives a message from Gonzalez)

Gonzalez: What's taking so long? Ring me, pronto!

(Vic, Gonzalez on the phone)

Victor Vance: Gonzalez? We got hit. The drugs... They're gone.

Gonzalez: What? Are you fucking with me?

Victor Vance: No... I'm not.

Gonzalez: What's wrong with you? Are you high on my shit?

Victor Vance: No... Yeah... I must've been breathing it in while I was out cold.

Gonzalez: I want my drugs back, Vic. I still have a buyer who might be interested, but he's leaving town real soon. Kill the bastards who did this, and get my drugs back to the lockup!

Victor Vance: Oh, they'll pay alright.

(Vic kills the enemies and takes the van back.)

Gonzalez: Well, at least you managed to retrieve my merchandise. But I think, for our friendship, this is the end. Adios.


The reward for completing this mission is $1,000 and the mission Kill Phil: Part 2 is unlocked, if the mission Say Cheese is also completed.


  • The name of the mission is a reference to the song Purple Haze, by Jimi Hendrix.
  • Similar to the mission Boomshine Saigon from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as Victor is on a high after being attacked, the screen is blurred, making driving difficult for the player.

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