Seagull Theater

The section of Seagull Theatre fronting Lorimar Street in GTA IV.

The Seagull Theater is a theatre in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars at Denver-Exeter Avenue and Lorimar Street in Star Junction, Liberty City.

Designed as part of the Banner Hotel & Spa complex (which is based on the real-life Doubletree Guest Suites/Embassy Suites Times Square, or 1568 Broadway), the Seagull Theater features two streetfront facades at both Lorimar Street and Denver-Exeter Avenue, with the Lorimar Street section being the largest of the two. The theatre appears to draw inspiration from the Palace Theatre (1564 Broadway), which the Doubletree Guest Suites simply built over allowing the theatre to continue operating on the spot.

In GTA IV, set in in 2008, plays such as Raincoat and Abandon Shit were advertised at the theater. In Episodes From Liberty City, the Liberty City, It's Over! is also shown at the theater.

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