Liberty City, It's Over!

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The poster for the play.

Liberty City, It's Over! is a play advertised in The Ballad of Gay Tony and in the manual for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. It is supposedly performed at the Seagull Theater. It appears to be a parody of the film New York, I Love You, and features GTA IV artwork.


The poster advertising the play has generated a certain degree of speculation amongst fans, believing it to hint at the next game in the GTA IV Era. Of particular interest was the tear in the corner, obscuring whatever followed the words "NEXT STOP". Many fans speculated that this was a clue of where the next game was to take place, but as it was eventually revealed, the tear is an advertisement for Mollis. At the bottom of the poster is a box saying "Opens March Everywhere".

The shape of the tear is similar to one of the peninsulas of France, leading to speculation the next GTA game could be set in France. Grand Theft Auto V, however, will take place in a re-designed Los Santos.