The Liberteen in GTA IV.
The Liberteen in GTA Chinatown Wars.

The Liberteen Kids Theater is non-interactive play theatre in Star Junction, Algonquin, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The only known plays or musicals in the theatre are "Banging Trash Can Lids for an Hour" and "Fairy Body Paint"; all "Banging Trash Can Lids for an Hour" billboards are replaced by Princess Robot Bubblegum anime advertising in The Ballad of Gay Tony, giving the wrongful impression that the theatre hosts an anime.

The theatre is first shown in the first GTA IV trailer, "Things Will Be Different", where its "LIBERTEEN" signage is depicted against the backdrop of a timelapsed cityscape.

The Liberteen is based on the New Victory Theatre at 209 West 42nd Street, Manhattan, New York City.


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