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Game GTA V
For Heist
Target Train
Location Blaine County, San Andreas
Fail The train is not stolen
Unlocks The Big Score (obvious approach, after Driller is also completed)
Unlocked by Planning the Big Score

Sidetracked is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V started by protagonist Michael De Santa, and also involves Trevor Philips, in Blaine County, San Andreas.


Michael De Santa, in Blaine County, phones Trevor Philips for assistance for stealing a train for their upcoming plans to perform a heist at the Union Depository. Michael arrives at a secluded train station at Davis Quartz and silently takes out the two railway station employees. Michael pulls a switch to changing the siding and, as the train approaches, it changes on to an unscheduled stop as it slows down. The play switches to Trevor in a special helicopter at the Sandy Shores airfield provided by Lester Crest. Trevor takes off as Michael, through a headset, tells Trevor he will have 'a little word' with the driver and unhook the train. Trevor arrives in the helicopter and steals the engine, flying back to his airfield in Sandy Shores to leave the engine on a truck before returning to the train to take a flatbed car, again returning to the airfield to drop the flatbed on the truck.

Post mission phone call

(After completing the mission Driller.)

Trevor Philips: You said you wanted a train, I got you a train, Lester.

Lester Crest: Excellent, I'll let the others know we have everything we need. We'll meet at the strip club.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete within 4:30 minutes.
Undetected Steal the train without being detected.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


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