Sandy Shores Airfield

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Sandy Shores Airfield is a municipal airfield located south of Sandy Shores in Blaine County, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Prior to the events of GTA V, the airfield is under the control of The Lost Brotherhood, running illegal weapons and drugs. Trevor Philips, as part of his efforts to rid Sandy Shores of the Lost MC, ambushes the bikers while they are running weapons. After Trevor takes control of the airfield, any planes, tanks, and helicopters acquired or purchased will be stored and spawned at the airfield.


Runways and helipad

The airfield has three runways, running approximately east-west and southwest-southeast. The longest runway runs parallel to a shorter runway, intersected by the shortest runway running southwest-southeast. None of the runways are numbered or marked. Small beacons on cones line the perimeter of the runways, lighting up at night.

A helipad can be found across from the largest hangar.

Air traffic control room

The player can access a small ATC room in a one-storey tall structure, just at the entrance to the airfield. It is rather detailed for a location unused in the storyline, with monitors, office chairs, and file cabinets. On the roof are a series of bullhorns. Next to the tower is what appears to be a localiser or glideslope station for instrument landings.


Two hangars are lined side by side in the airfield. The first (from left) is only large enough to accommodate the smallest propeller planes in the game. The other hangar is used by Trevor to store vehicles - it is just about possible to squeeze a Shamal or Luxor in.


NPC vehicles

These planes can be found taking off from the shorter runway facing west or landing facing east on the longer runways in the day. They spawn more when the player is flying, or if the player waits at the west-end threshold.

Trevor's vehicles

  • Vestra (after the player installs the Business Update DLC and completes Nervous Ron)
  • Besra (after the player installs the San Andreas Flight School Update DLC and completes Nervous Ron)
  • Mil-Jet (after the player installs the San Andreas Flight School Update DLC and completes Nervous Ron)
  • Player's choice


  • It is very difficult, though not impossible, to land a large Jet on the longest runway. Landing a Jet requires precision manoeuvring and a precise speed to avoid overshooting the runway. The easiest way to land a Jet is to land facing west (following the direction of the blips on the map), as the low-mounted engines may catch on debris and cause the plane to explode should it land facing east. It is also possible to land facing east, although the player should land further away from the threshold, preferably on the middle of the runway; scenery props that may damage the engines are scattered around the threshold.