The Big Score (GTA V)

The Big Score
Game GTA V
For Franklin Clinton
Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
Objective Steal the gold from the Union Depository, hold off LSPD and Merryweather resistance and escape
Location Strawberry, Los Santos
  • Obvious
    • Franklin fails to protect the gunman moving the gold
    • The crew's getaway vehicle is destoryed
    • Trevor's helicopter is destroyed
    • Trevor fails to get his gold on the train
  • Subtle
    • Merryweather intercepts the stolen Securicars
    • Failing to protect the crew member transferring the gold
    • Any protagonists' Gauntlet is destroyed
    • Franklin gets too far behind the crew
Unlocks Choice of:
Something Sensible
The Time's Come
The Third Way
Unlocked by Planning the Big Score
Getaway Vehicle - The Big Score
Achievements The Big One!
Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

You may be looking for the mission The Big Score from Grand Theft Auto Advance.

The Big Score is the sixth and final heist mission and the penultimate mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by and for protagonists Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips from the Vanilla Unicorn stripclub in Strawberry, Los Santos.

Obvious Approach


Trevor Philips walks into the back area of Vanilla Unicorn and finds Lester, who throws him a box with his clothes for the upcoming heist. Trevor states that he will have to check for cameras after Lester leaves with Lester replying that, should it be a success, the ladies will be filming him. Michael then enters and Trevor explains that the money will not make Lester a 'player' or make Michael a nice guy before Lester throws Michael his box of clothes. Franklin enters and Lester throws Franklin his box of clothes. After changing, the four walk into the office where, leaving Lester behind, they head out the back door and into their vehicles, meeting the waiting crew outside. Michael drives to the bank to meet his contact and explains that Lester, who had left to join Trevor despite being shown at a computer in the office as the others left, needs to be with Trevor in the helicopter to maintain a link with the train they intend to use as a getaway vehicle. Michael meets his contact, a fellow accomplice, and the camera switches to Franklin who is in a Cutter beneath the Union Depository.

Michael and the accomplice, during this time, had entered the bank and announced they were being robbed. Franklin then drills a hole into the bank's vault and parks the Cutter out of the way. Franklin goes into the vault on foot and plants explosives, which are detonated. Franklin, who has an accomplice with him, begins shooting the attending law enforcement while the accomplice pushes the gold into an area with no road, as construction work underneath continues. Two helicopters arrive and, as they are about to winch out the gold with Franklin and his accomplice, NOOSE agents arrive in the vault. Franklin and the accomplice kill the NOOSE agents and the two helicopters manages to get the gold, leaving as a NOOSE team begins to rappel into the underground tunnel. Trevor and the helicopter pilot leave the scene while Franklin, Michael and their accomplices agree to meet up before leaving as law enforcement will have locked down Downtown.

The two helicopters continue to fly away as the player returns to Michael, who agreed to meet Franklin by a foot bridge. Michael and his accomplice kill a number of law enforcement officials and shoot down a helicopter before meeting up with Franklin and his accomplice. The four continue to kill law enforcement personnel, to create a distraction, with another helicopter appearing. As the team continue their escape they are told by Lester that Merryweather Security Consulting have discovered their plans and are about to join the local law enforcement in trying to kill them. A third helicopter arrives and more agents, with the agents being killed and the helicopter being destroyed. The team get to the other side of the building they are on and take cover, having spotted a Merryweather helicopter, which opens fire on them. After destroying the Merryweather helicopter, the team continue their escape and kill more law enforcement agents.

The team make their way to an underground parking lot, where they have a getaway vehicle and, after killing more law enforcement agents, escape and lose the police. After losing the police, Michael asks Trevor and Lester about the gold. Trevor informs Michael that Merryweather have located them and the player switches to Trevor, finding him flying around the Vinewood sign where Lester promises that, if Trevor flies steady, he can shoot them down with an RPG. The crew fly through RON Alternates Wind Farm and, after all three helicopters are destroyed, the two helicopters fly toward a train and drop off the gold, which is being driven by an accomplice. The two helicopters then fly to McKenzie Airfield in Grapeseed where they land, with Trevor describing Lester as 'unstable'. After landing, all but one of crew (minus the train driver) reunite with Trevor describing them as "good", with Michael calling Trevor a buzzkill. Lester tells Michael and Trevor he needs help unloading the gold for storage. Franklin leaves as do two of the accomplices in cars while the pilot accomplice flies away, with Michael, Trevor and Lester heading toward the gold.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Headshots Kill at least 20 enemies with a headshot.
Time Complete the mission within 16 minutes.
Cha-Ching Drop the gold on to the train in 30 seconds.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60 percent.

Video walkthrough

Obvious approach, Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos Obvious approach, PS4 Version (First Person) - GTASeriesVideos



Subtle Approach


Lester Crest is seen watching two of the Vanilla Unicorn strippers when Trevor Philips walks in, telling him the show is for 'paying customers only'. Lester throws Trevor a box containing his clothes for their planned heist at the Union Depository and, as he begins watching the strippers again, Michael De Santa walks in. Lester throws Michael his box just before Franklin Clinton enters. Lester and Franklin enter the office when the hacker, hired during Planning the Big Score, enters the room. Lester assures them that they have state of the art technology. Michael and Trevor then enter the room, dressed up as security guards, and promise to return with eight tons of gold. Michael informs Trevor that they'll be bringing back four tons, not eight, as the two spot their crew. The crew enters their vehicle and drives to the tunnel by the Union Depository before 8am. On the journey to the tunnel, Trevor asks Michael if they are going to be betrayed and if the accomplices are simply a diversion. The crew arrive early and wait for the two Gruppe Sechs Securicars, dropping a stinger and driving further up the road upon seeing them.

Both vans drive over the stinger and the crew exit their vehicle, guns drawn, and move toward the vans. The security personnel are huddled together and another crew arrive, changing the tires of the vans in under a minute to avoid the planned GPS route and timings from being abnormally incorrect. The crew choose Casey to join them and abandon the other security personnel, driving to the Union Depository. Casey begins to panic with Michael instructing him to calm down and that, at this point, he wants to be useful to the crew. They arrive at the Union Depository with the security guard telling them they were expected thirty seconds ago. The crew are given the all clear and drive into the Union Depository. Both vans are given clearance and park in the parking lot. After showing authorisation and identification, the manager escorts Michael, Trevor and Casey to the gold.

The three reach the vault, which Casey opens, and the two walk toward the gold. The manager tells them that they are holding it for the Chinese and jokes that they should carry as much as they can to keep them in the United States. Trevor and Casey begin pushing the gold, loaded on trolleys, with Michael watching over them, back to the lift and then to the vans. Trevor also informs the manager that Michael is retiring and tells Michael that the chance of an early death increases during retirement. They arrive int he cargo bay shortly after the manager tells them the order came through earlier in the morning, almost certainly from Lester. The gold is loaded into the vans and Casey pretends to be sick, in order to stay behind and inform the manager, but Trevor tells him not to overindulge if he can not work with a hangover.

Michael, Trevor and Casey, now rejoined with the two other crew members, leave the Union Depository with Michael telling him to remain cool until they unload the gold in Mission Row. Michael asks Franklin how everything on the technical side is going with Franklin informing Michael that Merryweather had discovered their plans and were arriving in the city to take the gold back. Franklin then begins to change the traffic light signals to guide the crew to a location under the freeway near Vanilla Unicorn and to stop the Merryweather teams from finding them. The chosen accomplices redistribute the golds weight into the Gauntlets stolen earlier. Trevor threatens to kill Casey but Michael stops him, giving Casey a gold bar and claiming that if anything other than what is reported in the news appears, they will say it was Casey's idea. Casey quickly leaves claiming not to have seen anything.

Michael and Trevor begin arguing but Franklin snaps them out of it, saying they need to finish the job just as Merryweather mercenaries appear. The two accomplices continue to unload the gold while Franklin, Michael and Trevor take out the Merryweather mercenaries. After the Merryweather mercenaries are dead, the gunman guard the perimeter while Franklin, Michael, Trevor, and the driver each get into a Gauntlet. Michael explains that only Lester can sell the gold without making any noise so and that Trevor could not, with Trevor agreeing to follow Michael. They return to the streets in the Gauntlets but find themselves being chased by the police as Merryweather had informed law enforcement of their location. The crew then drives recklessly through the city while being pursued by the police, including through a gap in the barrier causing the cars to drop to the road below, with a pursuing police car colliding with a RON tanker and exploding. The cars, having briefly lost the police, are then driven into the back of two large trucks with the ramps being retracted before leaving the tunnel with the law enforcement unable to spot them. The police make arrangements to close the tunnel as the trucks containing the gold drive away from the scene.

The crew are later seen in Blaine County with the accomplices driving the gold to a secure location while Michael drives Franklin and Trevor to his house where they will meet Lester. Trevor continues to explain that he does not fully trust Michael with Franklin stating that the moaning from both Michael and Trevor is 'pathetic'. When they arrive at Michael's, Lester explains that he will keep the gold secure for a few days before melting it down and selling it. Michael asks about the gold with Lester explaining that if they do not know where the gold is, they can point to any evidence should one of them be arrested. Michael and Trevor begin arguing again with Lester telling them they have become west coast douchebags, causing Franklin to ask what is wrong with the west coast. Lester replies that people have been numbed by the sun and that if you use a three-syllable word they think you are a professor. Franklin and Trevor begin to gang up on Lester, with Michael telling an aggressive Trevor to leave Lester alone. Franklin leaves to calm down, calling all three 'assholes' and despite Michael apologising and offering him a beer.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Headshots Kill at least 20 enemies with a headshot.
Signal Man Perform less than 10 traffic light changes.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60 percent.

Video walkthrough

Subtle approach, Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos Subtle approach, PS4 Version (First Person) - GTASeriesVideos




Upon successful completion of the heist, the player earns the "The Big One!" achievement/trophy.

Heist Payout

Note: unless otherwise stated, totals assume no part of the take was lost.

Obvious Approach
  • Maximum take: $201,600,000
  • Michael De Santa maximum cut†: $41,664,000
  • Trevor Philips maximum cut†: $41,664,000
  • Franklin Clinton maximum cut†: $41,664,000
  • Lester Crest maximum cut (12%): $24,192,000
  • Gunmen:
    • Gustavo Mota maximum cut (14%): $28,224,000
    • Packie McReary maximum cut (12%): $24,192,000
    • Chef maximum cut (12%): $24,192,000
    • Karl Abolaji:
      • Maximum cut (8%): $16,128,000
      • Maximum casualty expense‡ (12%): $24,192,000
    • Norm Richards:
      • Maximum cut (7%): $14,112,000 #
      • Maximum casualty expense‡ (10.5%): $21,168,000
    • Hugh Welsh:
      • Maximum cut (7%): $14,112,000 #
      • Maximum casualty expense‡ (10.5%): $21,168,000
    • Daryl Johns:
      • Maximum cut (6%): $12,096,000 #
      • Maximum casualty expense‡ (9%): $18,144,000
  • Drivers:
    • Eddie Toh:
      • Maximum cut (14%): $28,224,000
      • Maximum casualty expense†† (21%): $21,168,000
    • Karim Denz:
      • Maximum cut (8%): $16,128,000 #
      • Maximum casualty expense†† (12%): $12,960,000
    • Taliana Martinez:
      • Maximum cut (5%): $10,080,000 #
      • Maximum casualty expense†† (7.5%): $7,560,000

# - Heist crew members used to achieve the maximum cut for the protagonists; for the gunmen, use Daryl and either Norm or Hugh.
† - If the player selects Something Sensible as the final mission, then Michael's and Franklin's cuts are increased by 50%, up to $62,496,000.
‡ - Michael's accomplice can die without failing the mission.
†† - If this driver was piloting the helicopter and crashes, either by inexperience or player error, half the score is lost.

Subtle Approach
  • Maximum gross take: $201,600,000
  • Hostage deduction: -$300,000
  • Maximum net take: $201,300,000
  • Michael De Santa maximum cut†: $38,918,000
  • Trevor Philips maximum cut†: $38,918,000
  • Franklin Clinton maximum cut†: $38,918,000
  • Lester Crest maximum cut (12%): $24,156,000
  • Gunmen:
    • Gustavo Mota maximum cut (14%): $28,182,000
    • Packie McReary maximum cut (12%): $24,156,000
    • Chef maximum cut (12%): $24,156,000
    • Karl Abolaji maximum cut (8%): $16,104,000
    • Norm Richards maximum cut (7%): $14,091,000 #
    • Hugh Welsh maximum cut (7%): $14,091,000 #
    • Daryl Johns maximum cut (6%): $12,078,000 #
  • Drivers:
    • Eddie Toh maximum cut (14%): $28,182,000
    • Taliana Martinez maximum cut (5%): $10,065,000 #
    • Karim Denz:
      • Maximum cut (8%): $16,104,000 #
      • Maximum casualty expense†† (12%): $18,117,000
  • Hackers:
    • Paige Harris maximum cut (15%): $30,195,000
    • Christian Feltz maximum cut (10%): $20,130,000
    • Rickie Lukens maximum cut (4%): $8,052,000 #

# - Heist crew members used to achieve the maximum cut for protagonists; for the gunmen, use Daryl and either Norm or Hugh.
† - If the player selects Something Sensible as the final mission, then Michael's and Franklin's cuts are increased by 50%, up to $58,377,000.
†† - If Karim is selected as the fourth Gauntlet driver and does not have any experience, he crashes out and is subsequently arrested, losing one quarter of the score.


  • The mission is the last mission in which the player can play as Trevor Philips should they choose the Something Sensible ending or Michael De Santa should they choose The Time's Come.
  • The take from the heist depends on the approach taken. The obvious approach earns more money, as long as the player chooses a good second pilot as otherwise the pilot crashes and loses half the take. The cut is only given to the protagonists, or surviving protagonists, after the completing the final mission.

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