Southside Hoods War

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Southside Hoods War





Shoreside Vale


Red Jacks victory


Red Jacks

Purple Nines



Unknown gangster


Red Jacks gang members
D-Ice's Brother

Purple Nines gang members


Heavy Casualties

Heavy Casualties
Reputation, turf and influence
Purple Nines wiped out


The Southside Hoods War was a war fought between The Red Jacks led by D-Ice and The Purple Nines led by an unknown gangster.The participants of the war were D-Ice,Claude and D-Ice's unnamed brother.

The War

The war started sometime after 1998 after the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories but for some reason GTA never filed up on how the war started and how the Purple Nines and Red Jacks seperated. By the time Claude had gotten to Shoreside Vale the war was already in process. D-Ice contacts Claude and asks him to do a bunch of favors. The first thing he asks him to do is to do a drive-by and kill 20 Purple Nine members before 2 and a half minutes. The second favor he asks him to do is to get an RC car and blow up many Purple Nine armored vans containing SPANK. In revenge for those attacks, a Purple Nine member set up a bomb in D-Ice's car and as D-Ice proclaims "if I lose those wheels my reputation will be dead" but Claude succsesfully manages to bring the car to a garage in Saint Mark's so the bomb can be defused.

The End of the War

By now alot of Purple Nines have been killed but the rest had agreed to go on feet and fight with Baseball Bats so Claude and D-Ice's younger brother kill the rest of them with their baseball bats and there by ending the war, weaking the reputation of the Purple Nines and the victory of the Red Jacks.