Appearances GTA III
Full Name D-Ice


Gender Gender::Male
Home Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Family D-Ice's Brother
Main Affiliations Southside Hoods
Red Jacks (leader)
Purple Nines
Toni Cipriani (former)
Occupation Gang leader
Voiced by Walter Mudu

D-Ice is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III. He is the leader of the Red Jacks, a sub-group of the Southside Hoods, and is the brother of D-Ice's Brother. He is voiced by Walter Mudu, who also voices King Courtney.

Character history

D-Ice, presumably born in Wichita Gardens, Liberty City, and at some point joined the Southside Hoods gang and later became the leader of the Red Jacks sub-group. His younger brother also joined the gang. He continues to lead the Red Jacks and decides against selling the drug SPANK, which the Purple Nines began to sell, causing a rift in the gangs two factions. At some point prior to 2001 he is arrested and sent to prison, being scheduled for release in January 2002. D-Ice, from his prison cell, then begins to work against the Purple Nines and in October 2001 hires Claude to do his work. Claude and D-Ice's brother eventually face the last remaining Purple Nines gangsters in a final fight with baseball bats, which results in the Purple Nines being completely destroyed.


  • D-Ice is not seen during the game, giving his instructions from a public telephone in Wichita Gardens.

Mission appearances