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Special Needs Cop poster

Special Needs Cop is a 1992 film, and sequel to the 1986 film Exploder: Evacuator Part II. It stars Jack Howitzer and is advertised in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the WCTR radio station. The trailer of the movie can be heard in Entertaining America. It's the third and final film in the Evacuator Trilogy. Unlike the first two films of the trilogy, this film could not be rated.


Following up where the last film left off, Tim the mentally unstable war veteran is still in Cambodia fighting. He's once again approached and recruited by the US Government, this time to work undercover teaching a special needs pre-school for mentally and physically disabled children, to eliminate a drug cartel inside the school. Tim eventually grows to like the children until they begin to mock his own intelligence (or lack of therefore), prompting him to shoot and kill the entire class with his bazooka.


"It's over, Tim! The war is over!"

"IT'S NEVER OVER!!" - Unnamed soldier and Tim

"We're here, Tim."

"A pre-school for slow children?"

"You're the new teacher, Tim" - Unnamed soldier and Tim

"One of you 'tards has been Peruvian flake through the special ed school, and i'm gonna find it. No juice and cookies!"

"You really suck, Tim!" - Tim and special ed student

"Aw. You gone and shot yourself, way to go!" - Tim in respence to special ed student shooting himself with Tim's gun

"Tim, you're so stupid. You count with your fingers"

"You wanna party with me?! Bring it on!!" - Special ed student and Tim

"Tim!! What are you doing?!!"

"I fought for my country!! WELCOME TO THE LAND OF FREEDOM, BITCHES!!! - Unnamed soldier and Tim


  • Unlike the first two films, the film does not bear the Evacuator title, though it is still considered part of the trilogy.
  • This was subsequently Jack Howitzer's last known film.