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Exploder: Evacuator Part II poster

Exploder: Evacuator Part II is a 1986 film and sequel to the 1984 film Evacuator, it stars Jack Howitzer as Tim and was advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The radio spot can be heard on V-Rock. It would be followed up with a sequel in 1992 called Special Needs Cop. It's the second film in the Evacuator Trilogy and was rated PG (for "May Include Patriotic Garbage").


The plot centers around Tim, now living on a quiet farm in North Dakota, after rescuing prisoners of war held captive in Vietnam in the previous film. He has given up killing, but one day the US Government pays him a visit to again recruit his help, revealing his family has been kidnapped by Communists. He returns to battle, venturing into Cambodia with his ex-teammate Ho Chi, killing over 25,000 people with his survival knife alone, in order to rescue his family. Ho Chi is killed during the fighting, and this motivates Tim to shoot and kill even more people with his bazooka.


A large amount of products were released with the movie, including Tim's survival knife, which stored such things as a rope, a toothpick, and a fold-out woman.


"But I'm a man of peace now! I'm done killing! I want to raise a family!"

"That's just it Tim! They've got your family!"

"NOOO!!!" - Tim and unnamed soldier.

"Ho Chi bat, is that you?"

"Tim, i know you come. Just like old days, we kill everybody!" - Tim and Ho Chi

"They've got your wife Tim!"

"But I'm not married!"

"You are now! To America!" - Tim and unnamed soldier.

"Ho Chi!!"

"Tim, Don't leave me!! You taught me baseball, Tim. And how to laugh.."

"NOOO!!!" - Tim and Ho Chi

"He would have made a fine American... I'll cry when I'm done killing." - Tim lamenting Ho Chi's death.


  • This film may contain the highest body count of the 3 films, with an estimated 25,000+ on-screen kills. This is likely a reference to the Sylvester Stallone film Rambo III, which featured an excess amount of on-screen kills. Though the trailer for Special Needs Cop implies there were actually millions of on-screen deaths in this film.
  • While hosting WCTR, Lazlow also references the film by quoting Tim's iconic line I'll cry when i'm done killing.