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Tim in Evacuator
Appearances GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City Stories
Full Name Tim
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Main Affiliations Ho Chi
Voiced by Jack Howitzer (actor, in-game)
Randy Pearlstein (real life voice actor)

You may be looking for Timm in Grand Theft Auto V.

Tim is a fictional protagonist of the Evacuator Trilogy. Tim appears as the main character of the films Evacuator (1984), Exploder: Evacuator Part II (1986), and Special Needs Cop (1992). He is played by Jack Howitzer. He is a mentally unstable ex-marine who fought in the Vietnam War (where he apparently raped school girls and burned villages) and suffers from flashbacks of his time there, possibly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Years after re-entering civilian life, Tim is recruited by the US Government to rescue American GI's (still being held captive somewhere in Vietnam) due to the liberals in the Government refusing to support their rescue. Tim teams up with old friends Wandering Hands and Ho Chi (Native American and Asian stereotypes, respectively) and returns to Vietnam to rescue the prisoners of war.

Sometime after rescuing the captive GI's Tim gives up killing and starts a new life in peace living on a quiet farm in North Dakota, but is again approached by the US Government, who reveal to Tim his family has been kidnapped and are being held hostage by Communists in Cambodia. Tim goes to Cambodia and along the way reunites with Ho Chi. Tim manages to find and rescue his family, but during the fighting Ho Chi is shot and killed and Tim decides to stay and fight.

After Ho Chi's death, Tim stays in Cambodia for an undetermined amount of time and continues to wage a one-man-war against the Communist soldiers there. Tim is once more approached by the US Government, who fly him back to the United States to work undercover teaching a pre-school for mentally and physically handicapped students, to infiltrate a drug cartel within the school. Tim eventually grows fond of the children, until they begin mocking his own intelligence (or lack of therefore), prompting him to shoot and kill the entire class with his bazooka.


  • The role of Tim seems to have had a profound effect on Jack Howitzer, who by 1992 had grown delusional and believed he experienced the events of the films. On WCTR Jack Howitzer claimed to have killed the original Ho Chi (and that he has a new Ho Chi), though it's unknown if Howitzer killed the actual actor, of if Tim actually shot and killed Ho Chi in Exploder.