Tahir Saeed

Tahir Saeed
Appearances The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Tahir Saeed


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Saudi Arabia
Date of Death 2008
Nationality Saudi
Main Affiliations Ahmed Khalil (until 2008)
Yusuf Amir (until 2008)
NOOSE (2008)
Voiced by Oscar De La Fe Colon

Tahir Saeed is a minor character in the Grand Theft Auto series appearing in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

He is of Arab descent and works for Yusuf Amir along with Ahmed. During the mission High Dive, he and Ahmed set up a meeting with Yusuf at the tourist-cleared observation deck of Rotterdam Tower in order to sell out Yusuf and take over his business. When Luis Lopez shows up in Yusuf's place, he walks into the NOOSE trap that they had set up. Luis, not knowing what is going on, grabs Tahir by the throat to figure out what is happening. When Tahir didn't answer and Ahmed took off running, Luis flips Tahir over the ledge where he falls, eventually landing on a taxi.