Luis Fernando Lopez

Luis Fernando Lopez
Luis Fernando Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Luis Fernando Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Luis Fernando Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Appearances GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Luis Fernando Lopez
Aliases L, Lou, Hijo, Mr. Lewis, Spic, Taco


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1983
Place of Birth Northwood, Liberty City
Age Now 41
Nationality Dominican
Home Apartment on Galveston Avenue, North Holland, Liberty City
Family Adriana Yanira Lopez (mother)
Unnamed father
Ernesto Lopez (brother)
Leta Lopez-Wilkinson (sister)
Main Affiliations Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers (? - 2003)
Anthony Prince (2005 - ?)
Ancelotti Family (? - 2008)
Ray Bulgarin (2008)
Yusuf Amir (2008 - ?)
Mori Kibbutz (2008)
Vehicles Super Drop Diamond
Businesses Nightclub Manager
Cage Fighting
Street Racing
Voiced by Mario D'Leon

Luis' redirects here. For the actor see Luis Guzman.

Luis Fernando Lopez is a character in the HD Universe, appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the third of which he is the protagonist. In the game, he is Tony Prince's 25-year old bodyguard and business associate (making Luis the youngest of Grand Theft Auto IV's three protagonists).



Luis is of Dominican descent, born and raised in Northwood by his mother, with his brother and his sister. His father was a U.S. Marine who abandoned them while they were young. He was raised by his mother, who also had a notable role in the upbringing of Luis' childhood. His mother had always been cautious though worried for Luis' near future throughout the story claiming that he is ruining his life and should not end up like his father. Following this, Luis had also been brought up with his current best friends; Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas. He also grew up with Oscar Gomez and Alonso Gomez, Teddy Benavidez and Willy Valerio, older kids by three years, who ushered most of the neighborhood kids into drug dealing. During a drug war, Henrique mentions that Luis used to rap while Henrique "layed down" the beat. Henrique claims that Luis was a poor rapper because people used to laugh at him when he would rap, however Luis retorts stating he had skills. He was also scrawnier in those years, as Armando and Henrique recall. During school a teacher had apparently been making fun of Luis' sister, and in a confrontation Luis broke the teacher's arm. Henrique at one point reflects on the time the three of them had stolen liqour from Principal Fischer's office, and claim that detention in their school was almost as bad as prison.

When Luis was 16 or 17, in 1999 or 2000, he went to juvenile hall because he shot and injured a teacher who felt up his sister. Armando & Henrique remember spending the summer of 1999 with Luis, meaning it happened during their next school year. Curiously, this does not appear on his criminal record. He was arrested again for Grand Theft Auto at the age of 18 in 2001. This likely coincides with him taking the blame for a crime committed by himself, Armando and unspecified associates. Apparently, Luis and Armando had been caught, Luis kept his mouth shut and as a result went to prison with no deal. However Armando apparently ratted (however Luis believes that Armando ratted on everyone but him) because Armando never did any time. Armando only continues to evade and deny the accusations.

During this two year stint, he went from being very skinny to being quite muscular. He got his physique by body-building and continuously fighting off inmates to keep himself from getting raped or killed. His brother and sister, however, both left Liberty City and started stable lives, with a spouse, children and homes in different small-town suburbs, with little to no interaction with their mother. As a result, she relies on Luis to give her money.

Luis got in police trouble a third time in 2003, for Assault, but avoided prison. This likely coincides with Luis was being arrested alongside Oscar Gomez and Willy Valerio - the LCPD goes on for years thinking Luis is still closely connected to them, while in fact this was one of their last times together. During this time in prison, Luis entered into a prison out-reach program, and met nightclub owner Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince who was also involved in some way.

Young adulthood and joining "Gay Tony" Prince

In 2005 when Luis was 22, his life changed when he accepted a job from Tony to be a bouncer at Hercules, and it wouldn't take long for Tony and Luis to see each other as a sort of father-and-son pair. He cut all remaining ties with his old gang (except Armando and Henrique as friends), and paid his supposed last visit to an illegal cage fighting ring (though he would return). By working for Gay Tony, his life became much more positive, and while he lost respect with old friends who saw him as a yuppie, he was introduced to much more money and glamour. At one point Tony paid for Luis to take helicopter-flying lessons for business purposes (as shown from his Higgins Helitours piloting certificate in his apartment, as well as the Club Management mission with Bruce Spade).

The Ballad of Gay Tony

By 2008 Luis has been made Co-Manager and bouncer of Maisonette 9 and Hercules. He meets celebrities, has a lot of meaningless sex, and is for the moment legitimate. Unfortunately, Tony is in debt to several loaners across the city such as Mori Kibbutz and Ancelotti member Rocco Pelosi.

Player's first meet Luis Lopez on the floor of the Bank of Liberty. The bank is robbed by the Irish Mob and Niko Bellic, after which Luis leaves the scene and returns to Tony's place. There, he meets Ancelotti goons, Rocco and Vince, at this point Tony reveals to Luis he borrowed some money from them.

Over the course of the game Luis help Tony by working with various people he has borrowed money from. Luis helps Rocco get information out of a Union Official by hitting him with golfballs at the Golden Pier, and attempts to negotiate a bar licensing deal with a Triad leader, the latter of which goes sour and ends in a shootout.

Luis discover's that his mother is in debt to a loanshark named Mr. Santo. Mr Santo propositions Luis to fight in the LC Cage Fights, and to take a dive on the third fight, doing so will relieve his mother of her debt. At this point Luis can either take a dive, or he can win the fight, after which he kills Mr. Santo in a scuffle in the alley after he comes at him with a knife for not throwing the fight.

Armando and Henrique start to question Luis' loyalty, and seem angry that he abandoned them for the lifestyle he chose with Tony. Luis assures his loyalty and joins them as muscle for a few jobs, accompying them to meet a new dealer and helping them watch over and defend a shipment of drugs they have coming in.

Taking care of more debt, Luis does a couple jobs for Mori Kibbutz, he helps him dispatch of some old business associates, and after beating him in a triatholon only has to do a final job, which is to escort some stolen vehicles to safety with Mori and his brother.

Lopez also works with the multi-billionaire real estate developer Yusuf Amir who he meet through Tony. Yusuf employs Luis to do over-the-top missions such as stealing a buzzard, escaping a police ambush intended for Yusuf, stealing a NOOSE APC, and stealing the front car of a subway. Over the course of which Yusuf and Luis become friends.

Rocco attempts to have Tony (as means to pay a portion of his debt off) take a suitcase full of sticky bombs and blow up a crane, (the target being a foreman), a subway car (empty expect for the target), and the head of the LTA's private jet. Luis punches Tony out when he refuses to let him do it, and so Luis stands in his place taking the three targets out. After this, Rocco has Luis go to Bahama Mamas to seduce the owner's girlfriend for information. However the owner returns, and the club turns into a bloodbath.

The diamonds

Tony had recently come in contact with The Cook of a ship called the Platypus who stated he had two million dollars worth of diamonds for sale. Luis, Tony, and Tony's on-and-off, ex-bodybuilding boyfriend Evan Moss go to East Hook to buy the diamonds.

The diamond deal is ambushed by Johnny Klebitz and The Lost Brotherhood. Luis, Tony and Tony's driver Costas flee towards Algonquin, pursued by members of The Lost MC, and eventually the police. During this time Johnny Klebitz, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons and some other Lost members, chase down, and murder Evan, taking the diamonds from him.

Tony finds out about a diamond deal at the Libertonian, Luis takes Yusuf's buzzard, and ambushes the deal, killing a few Jewish mob members and escaping with the diamonds.

Luis is contacted by Russian mob boss Ray Bulgarin, destroying a crooked NOOSE team and murdering Marki Ashvilli with him and his right-hand man Timur. However Ray finds out that Luis and Tony had these diamonds, and claims ownership. It is revealed he had already killed The Cook, severing his head and leaving it for Luis to find on a rooftop before he is ambushed by Ray's men, narrowly escaping.

Tony finds out that his friend Gracie Ancelotti has been kidnapped, and that the kidnappers are requesting their diamonds. Not given much of a choice, Luis and Tony exchange the diamonds for Gracie with Niko Bellic and Patrick McReary. They escape as Ray Bulgarin attempts to ambush Niko and Packie.

Rocco and Vince reaveal to Luis that unless Luis kills Tony, Ray Bulgarin (who at this point had a sit down with Giovanni Ancelotti), is going to have everyone involved with the diamonds killed. Luis meets Rocco and Vince at Maisonette 9 where they have Tony at gunpoint in the VIP room. They toss the gun to Luis and tell him to do it. Luis points the gun at Tony, but takes aim at Vince and shoots him in the head. Tony spares Rocco, Rocco leaves and right after Ray Bulgarin's hit squad shows up at the club, Luis wipes them all out, and Tony heads home stating he's leaving the city.

Luis meets up with Tony at his place, the discuss the current situation, and Luis convinces Tony they need to take Bulgarin out now before he gets to them. Luis and Tony arrive at Funland on Firefly Island where Ray and Timur are storing a shipment of heroin. Luis destroys the heroin, kills Timur, and head's to Francis International Airport to intercept Bulgarin before he can leave the country.

Yusuf Amir comes to Luis' aid in a buzzard, blowing up any Russians coming after Luis as he rides toward the airport. Luis reaches the airport as Ray's plane is taking off, he pulls his motorcycle up to the side of the plane, killing a man at the door, and jumping from the bike to the plane before it lifts off the ground.

In the plane Luis kills the remaining goons, and Ray appears from the cockpit with a hot grenade, stating that if Luis kills him the plane will blow up and they will both die. Equipped with a parachute, Luis takes that chance, he kills Bulgarin, the front of the plan blows off, and Luis parachutes safely back to the ground.

Luis meets Tony at the Monoglobe in Dukes. Tony and Luis have a heart to heart, and are joined by an excited Yusuf, the three converse as they walk away from the Monoglobe.

After The Ballad of Gay Tony

By the end of TBoGT, Luis is involved in a successful drug business with his friends Armando and Henrique, he has saved Tony's two clubs and his life. He is the 2008 LC Cage Fighting Champion, has won several local Triatholons, and owns a gold-plated buzzard and his own NOOSE APC tank. It can be assumed that he stays in touch with his two friends, his mother and possibly Yusuf Amir. It is unknown whether or not Tony has actually left Liberty City, as there are no calls recieved from him afterwards and he never appears at his own clubs. However there is also nothing suggesting he left. Luis, however, promised Tony in Departure Time that he would not leave Liberty City because of his family (Mom, and Armando and Henrique).

Sex life

Because of his role as a celebrity nightclub manager, Luis has the opportunity to socialize and even have casual sex with famous, beautiful women. Some people mentioned during the game that Luis has a little penis. It's unproved, but this blame comes from his lovers, and he gets angry when somebody else talks about that. Gracie and Daisie Cash-Cooze both playfully tease Luis about being a closeted homosexual. It's perhaps notable that Luis seems to have a slight pattern towards brunettes.

He had been sexually linked to:

  • Ms. Adams: Luis' 8th grade teacher, who he slept with while he was in her class around age 14. She is possibly his first, as Armando calls Luis "a victim of child abuse".
  • Carmen Ortiz: A Bohan woman that Luis was involved with in 2007 and calls "nasty". Henrique Bardas was also involved with her and Armando Torres is currently involved with her. In an eerie coincidence, she is a potential girlfriend for Niko Bellic and once dirty danced with Elizabeta Torres at one of her house parties.
  • Daisie Cash-Cooze: A British socialite living in Liberty City, who once slept with Luis and avoided him afterward, even though Luis contacted her a few times. She later recruits his help when a famous actor that she cheated on her boyfriend with, Chris Hunt, is about to humiliate her. Although Hunt releases a compromising sex tape to millions of viewers, Daisie happily marries her boyfriend despite the affair.
  • Dani Lupisella: Daughter of the Lupisella mafia don, who threatened to have her father "chops his balls off" if or when the relationship ended. During "Blog This!...", Luis tells Gracie Ancelotti, who is interested in him, that he will not date mob daughters because of the experience.
  • Joni: A close co-worker of Luis' at Maisonette 9, who will sometimes give Luis blowjobs and even sex in the surveillance room and later complain in stride about Luis having a tiny penis. It's mostly implied that they have a friends-with-benefits relationship, but if Luis has sex with a woman in Maisonette 9's bathroom (see below), Joni will scream at him for breaking her heart.
  • Margot: A clingy, mentally unstable ex-girlfriend who Luis dated "over a year ago" in early 2007. She attempts to kill herself two times over Luis. The first time, she uses painkillers and sleeping pills, and then a second time she jumps from a two to three story pier and actually dies. Luis disperses the area while being chased by an angry mob of people who saw her fall and thought he pushed her.
  • Monique: The two were dating beforehand, until Luis was caught sleeping with her roommate. In the mission Boulevard Baby, she had not held a grudge on Luis and hooked up with him all over again. She is caught giving him oral sex by her boyfriend Vic Manzano (owner of Bahama Mamas), who was thought to be out of town.
  • Monique's roommate (see above)
  • Poppy Mitchell: One of several famous people Luis has had casual sex with. When asked about having sex with celebrities by Cloe Parker (who was drunk and advancing on him), he says it's just like normal sex, except they look at themselves in the mirror.
  • The player has the opportunity to dance and have sex with random women at Maisonette 9.
  • Girl in Bathroom: In a similar fashion, he has rigorous sex with an unnamed patron in the Maisonette 9 women's bathroom, right before Monique in "Boulevard Baby".

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
  • As the protagonist, he appears in every mission.

LCPD Database information

Surname: Lopez

First name: Luis Fernando

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Liberty City

Affiliations: Known associate of "Gay" Tony Prince.

Criminal record:

  • 2001 - Grand Theft Auto (Age 18)
  • 2003 - Assault (Age 20)


  • Northwood resident of Dominican descent.
  • Works as a bodyguard for Tony Prince, streetname - Gay Tony.
  • Also works as a doorman at Prince's nightclubs Maisonette 9 and Hercules in Lower Algonquin.
  • Linked to several Northwood drug dealers from an early age and known to be involved in the illegal street-fighting scene.

Murders committed

  • Mr. Santo – If Luis refuses to take a dive in the fight in the mission Momma's Boy, Santo will pull out a knife and attempt to attack you, at which point you must kill him.
  • The Union Official - In the mission Practice Swing, he can be killed. The mission's dialogue will be slightly different, and it has no effect on the main story after that.


  • In the GTA IV mission Three Leaf Clover, Niko can kill Luis when he is amongst the hostages in the bank, although this has no effect on the storyline.
  • If Niko responds negatively to the e-mail "Brucie Owns Reality. Bro!", Niko writes: "There are more important things in life than being a celebrity or having good abs. You've been spending too much time fluffing the bouncer at the Maisonette 9", which could be referring to Luis, but also Dessie as well; however, Brucie does try coming onto Luis at one point.
  • Luis is an official licensed helicopter pilot, explaining how he is able to operate choppers; he took a Higgins Helitours weekend crash course, and has a certificate of completion hanging on the wall next to his bedroom in his apartment. Based on comments made by Luis during the missions Sexy Time and Ladies' Night, and Armando during a Drug War, Tony is the one who paid for it.
  • During the friend activities, Armando and Henrique mention that Luis was always a terrible darts and pool player.
  • If you look closely, Luis has his name tattooed onto his neck, although it is partially been covered by his clothing.
  • In GTA IV, Niko can purchase Luis' white tennis shoes at Modo.
  • Luis' physique is more muscular in TBOGT, his face is more detailed, and he has white sneakers instead of the black ones seen in GTA IV and TLAD.
  • Luis and Niko have crossed paths four times. Once during the bank robbery, but Luis didn't see Niko's face as he was was wearing a balaclava, and Niko never acknowledged Luis at the time. Secondly, on the streets of Algonquin where Niko almost hits Luis with his car while driving with Packie and Derrick McReary. The third time was in the museum where Luis interrupts the diamond deal with Isaac Roth, which is the first time Niko takes note of him; as far as Luis is concerned, this the first time he has actually seen Niko. Finally, they exchange words during the diamond exchange where Niko and Packie return Gracie to Tony and Luis. It is unclear if Luis recognized Niko or not from the museum, as he doesn't say anything regarding this. Niko, however does remember Luis crashing the diamond deal, as he calls Roman to inform him how "this Dominican-looking guy" appeared both times.
  • When using the phone, it appears as a grey/silver color in the corner of the screen, but the phone Luis is holding is black (a update changes it to gray), it is also black in cutscenes.
  • Luis' dialogue in the cut scenes which crossover with GTA IV and TLAD are re-recorded.
  • Like Johnny, all of Niko's fighting moves and animations, aside from the basic walking and running ones, are carried over to Luis. This is strange considering that Niko's fighting moves were meant to reflect his military training, whereas Luis or Johnny technically would not be able to pull them off. It is likely that game mechanics are the main cause for this. Johnny and Luis also throw left hooks, while Niko performs left jabs.
  • Luis mentions several times in the game that he doesn't like killing cops.
  • After a Booty Call Luis might say a comment like , "Yo bro, don't turn into your papi L". Or "Man, that girl got issues." This possibly means that Luis might not like the booty calls like he use to, or that Luis might like it but he doesn't want to turn into his father.
  • Luis always questions his own strength and sometimes says that he isn't qualified to do assassin or hitman kind of jobs. This is questionable as he does more extreme missions than Niko and Johnny.
  • Luis' appearance slowly evolved in the GTA IV Era, from Luis having large nostrils and a larger chin, to a smaller chin and a more bonier face, to his current form in TBOGT.
  • While intoxicated Luis will state that his brother is an asshole.
  • Luis and Huang Lee are the only protagonists from the GTA IV Era who was not mentioned nor made any appearance in GTA V. Niko was mentioned and referenced a few times, hinting he had retired from criminal life, and Johnny made a brief appearance in which he was brutally murdered by Trevor Phillips in a confrontation.
  • As of 2014, Luis presumably still lives in Liberty City, as he promised Tony he would never leave because of his family. He is now 31 years old.
  • Luis and Franklin Clinton both never finished high school because of a confrontation with a teacher. Luis shot and injured a teacher that felt up his sister, and Franklin beat up one of his teachers for an unmentioned reason, resulting in his expulsion.
  • Luis is the only protagonist who's middle name is revealed.