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Madd Dogg's Crib

I am of the opinion that Madd Dogg's Crib does not qualify as a safehouse, as it lacks a wardrobe, which is endemic to all safehouses, and missing from save points, which I think is a better label for Madd Dogg's Crib. The same goes for the Mike Toreno save point in Tierra Robada, the Doherty Garage, the Fern Ridge save point, etc. I also think the distinction needs to be made clearer on the Safehouses page. Thoughts? EganioTalk


There are several errors with the garages on the list. First, what are the numbers next to Yes under the garage column? Is that the number of garages, or number of cars held by the garage (I'm assuming the latter)? In either case, corrections need to be made. EganioTalk 21:31, 30 June 2008 (UTC)

It is indeed in reference to the latter. I used articles here and on the German site, as well as GameFaqs. Are you aware of the correct numbers for each garage? A-Dust 21:48, 30 June 2008 (UTC)
Oh, yes, quite aware. I've got just about everything memorized in GTA San Andreas. :-) EganioTalk 00:21, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

Yes it is number of cars. The number of garages never makes any difference, and there's only ever 1 garage accessible anyway (except the airfield). Feel free to add (spaces) to the table header - Gboyers talk 00:24, 1 July 2008 (UTC)