The Construction Assassination

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The Construction Assassination
Game GTA V
For Lester Crest
Target Enzo Bonelli
Location Liquor Market in La Mesa, Los Santos
Fail Enzo Bonelli escapes
Reward $10,000
Unlocked by The Bus Assassination

The Construction Assassination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest from a public payphone at a Liquor Market outlet in La Mesa, Los Santos.


Franklin answers a public payphone at a Liquor Market outlet and is told by Lester Crest that the next target is Enzo Bonelli. Lester explains that he is a mafia man turned real estate developer who had bullied his way on to half the construction sites in Los Santos and has been involved in extortion, murder and labour-racketeering. Lester explains that no construction worker earns a livable wage and that Gold Coast Development, a company he owns stocks in, is about to go out of business. Lester explains that his phone records put him at a construction site Downtown but that his source had told him of the planned hit so Franklin should be careful.

Franklin drives to the construction site in Pillbox Hill and the camera switches to an angry Bonelli explaining to one of his associates that there is a price on his head before using a lift to get to the roof so he can escape quickly in a helicopter. The camera switches back to Franklin who sneaks on to the construction site and kills the mafia men before using a lift to get half way up the building. He is then spotted by Bonelli's protection who begin shooting Franklin. After killing the protection, he continues towards a second lift, which can take him to the rooftop, with the lift returning to the floor Franklin is on. Franklin kills the two and uses the lift to get to the top of the building and Bonelli gets into his helicopter, which takes off hovering above the rooftop. Franklin kills the bodyguards on the roof and shoots down the helicopter, killing Bonelli, before collecting a parachute and jumping off the building, opening his parachute and landing safely on the ground. After landing, Franklin phones Lester and tells him he has killed Bonelli but that it went 'south'. Lester apologises and says they will stop their work as it causing too much police interest.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
No Fly Zone Shoot down Enzo Bonelli's helicopter.


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