Torpedo Run

Torpedo Run
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wade Heston
Reward None
Unlocks So Near, Yet Sonar
Unlocked by Operation Northwood

Torpedo Run is a mission given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Get to the LCPD's pier and get in the boat; it's a Destroyer that launches torpedoes. Find the Zhouboat and sink it. This may take a while, as the Destroyer is slower and has bad handling. After firing several rounds, the boat begins dropping mines, avoid them as they deal heavy damage. Once the boat is sunk, you receive and email form Wade. Go to the jetty on Colony Island to see more gang members escape in a Burrito. Chase it down and destroy it and its occupants.


Huang: So, what's this legally 'sensitive' job, Heston?

Wade: We need to sink Zhou Ming's contraband boat for him.

Hunag: Are you insane? Or back to skag? If I'm caught attacking Triad shipments, my life is over!

Wade: Well, tough shit, tough guy. My life fell apart years ago thanks to that Wonsu rat bastard!

Huang: By the way, who the fuck is the Wonsu?

Wade: That's what that inner circle of Koreans call themselves.

Huang: Thank you. Why the fuck do you expect me to know all the terminology? Racist idiot. And this isn't just about landing a big bust to get IAD off your back, is it?

Wade: That's my business. Yours is sinking that boat. And, if you want to keep playing happy families with your Triad friends, I guess you'd better make sure no one aboard lives to tell tales on you.

(Huang destroys Zhou's boat.)

Wade: (via email) When you've finished taking out that boat, get over to Colony Island. Zhou's guys managed to land some contraband there earlier. My FIB contact wants all of that shit gone, so you'd better deal with it. Thanks man, Heston.

Mission Replay description

"Heston's FIB contract will give us their informant's name if we do some of his dirty work.

So, I chased down some contraband being brought in by Zhou's men.

If Zhou ever finds out I sank his boat I'm gonna be in deep shit."