A Destroyer in GTA Chinatown Wars, during "Torpedo Run".

The Destroyer is a police boat in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The boat is designed as a small torpedo boat for the LCPD, designed to fire torpedoes at watercraft, and functions in tandem with the Coast Guard Launch as a pursuit vehicle when the player attains a high wanted level.

The boat's torpedo capabilities is unlimited, as the player can fire indefinite numbers of fast-loading torpedoes, while being capable of a relatively fast nautical speed, although its still requires a large turning radius as other large boats do. The boat's endurance is also substantially good, being able to survive up to five explosions before catching fire.


While the boat has no spawn points at docks. The boat is featured during "Torpedo Run", when the player must steal one from a LCPD dock on the eastern shoreline of East Holland and destroyed a Zhouboat with it.