So Near, Yet Sonar

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So Near, Yet Sonar
Picking up the goods destroyed from Torpedo Run.

Picking up the goods destroyed from Torpedo Run.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Zhou Ming
Reward 15 bags of acid
Unlocks By Myriads of Swords
Unlocked by Torpedo Run

So Near, Yet Sonar is a mission given to Huang Lee by Zhou Ming in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


(At Zhou's Warehouse)

Zhou: The morons I employ as charity to their families have allowed a shipment of my goods to be destroyed in the bay. You must rectify their error, while I attend to other, more vital, matters. Ah... It's a cruel fate that endows me with such potential for greatness but surrounds me with what I assume must be the genetic drugs off some social experiment gone horribly wrong. Please don't fuck this up, rich kid.

(Dropping off the cargo.)

Goon: Hey, Zhou doesn't like anyone sticking their nose into his business. It's time you ran along. I'll take it from here.


  • The mission is an obvious phrase to "So near, yet so far".