Fame or Shame

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For the mission of the same name, see Fame or Shame (mission).

Fame or Shame is a reality talent show in Grand Theft Auto V, hosted by Lazlow and viewable on the Weazel network. It is a parody of reality talent shows such as The X Factor. Auditions are held at the Maze Bank Arena while the finals are held at the Vinewood Bowl.

Host and Judges

  • Lazlow Jones: The host of the show. He is hated by the three judges, who often insult him and question his sexuality.
  • Hugh Harrison: He is a self-proclaimed music expert and a parody of reality talent show impresario Simon Cowell. Harrison is speaks with a British accent; however, he is actually an American.
  • Imran Shinowa: He is an Indian spiritual advisor to the stars. He often spends his time on the show shilling the sponsors' products rather than judging the contestants' performance.


  • Tracey De Santa: In her audition, she does a strip club-style dance. During the finals, she sings an original song called "Daddy Issues".
  • Three Masturbating Monkeys: As their name implies, they are three monkeys whose "talent" is masturbating. They are declared the winners of the show.
  • Mimes on Fire: As their name implies, they are a group of mimes who set themselves on fire.
  • She Male Bop: A group of drag queen performers.
  • Billy Lancer, "The Most Racist Man in America": His claim to fame is shouting racial epithets at no less than 9 different ethnic groups in 3 minutes.
  • Nathanial Ryan, "The Dart": His talent is being shot out of a cannon and sticking into things.
  • Sheila Miller, "The Speed Texter": Her claim to fame is being able to send 5 text messages in 10 seconds.

Corporate sponsors

The show is sponsored by several corporations, and Lazlow and the judges shamelessly put plugs for their products in during the show.

Events of the HD Universe

Tracey attempts to audition for the show without her parents' permission; however, Trevor Philips did not want her to become a laughing stock on national television. He and Michael drive to the MBA to stop Tracey's audition, assaulting Lazlow in the process. Trevor and Michael then chase Lazlow out of the arena, eventually confronting him at the Los Santos River. Later, Tracey meets with Lazlow in a tattoo parlor in an attempt to get a second chance on the show. Lazlow tries to solicit a blowjob from her; however, Michael humiliates Lazlow again by piercing his face, drawing a phallic tattoo on him and clipping his ponytail. Michael then threatens Lazlow, telling him that he will put Tracey back on the show, and he will make her look good.