Friend Request

Friend Request
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Lester Crest
Objective Assassinate Jay Norris by infiltrating the Lifeinvader offices and planting an explosive device in a prototype smartphone
Location Lifeinvader offices
Fail Michael's cover is blown
Failing to detonate the explosive in time
Unlocks Casing the Jewel Store
Unlocked by Marriage Counseling

Friend Request is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Lester Crest to Michael De Santa.


Michael arrives at Lester's house to discuss about getting back into the robbery business. During their conversation, Lester gets an EyeFind alert about Jay Norris unveiling a new Lifeinvader phone. He does not hold a high opinion about Norris, claiming that he is a lying cheat. Lester plans to assassinate Norris by having Michael infiltrate the Lifeinvader offices to plant an explosive device within the prototype phone.

After leaving Lester's house, Michael drives to the Sub Urban store in Vinewood to dress as one of the Lifeinvader employees. After buying new clothes, Michael drives to the Lifeinvader offices to the rear entrance, waiting for an opportunity to get inside. Shortly after arriving, Rickie Lukens steps out for a cigarette break, and he and Michael have a short conversation. Believing that Michael is an IT temp, Rickie leads Michael to his workstation, which is bogged down with pop up ads after visiting a "Not Safe For Work" website.

After clearing the pop ups and running the anti-virus software, Michael goes into the demo room to install the explosive device in the phone and leaves the Lifeinvader building. Michael goes back to his house to watch the live keynote address on TV. Upon arriving home, Tracey is watching Fame or Shame in the living room, and Michael tells her to leave, having to wrestle the remote from her so he can watch the keynote. When Jay Norris unveils the prototype Lifeinvader phone, Michael calls it, arming the bomb. Norris answers the phone, which detonates the explosive, killing Norris instantly and puts the crowd in a panic.

After the mission, Michael calls Lester about the assassination, and Lester states that he didn't need to watch the news, as he sees the news reflected in the stock markets. Afterwards, Rickie calls Michael, stating that he's out of work, and he knows that Michael was the one to rig the phone that killed Norris. After the call, Rickie then becomes a potential crew member for heists as a hacker.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
Popups Clear Clear all the popups within 32 seconds.


  • The phone bomb is a reference to the 2009 crime thriller Law Abiding Citizen, where Clyde Sheldon (played by Gerard Butler) assassinates a judge with a rigged cell phone bomb.
  • The mission's title is a reference to Lifeinvader's real life counterpart Facebook.

Video Walkthrough

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