Yutes Must Die!

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Yutes Must Die! is is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude Speed by Trey Welsh of the Zaibatsu. The mission is available from the eastern yellow Zaibatsu phone in Zarelli, Downtown District, Anywhere City.


The Yutes gang have been crushing Zaibatsu cars. Trey wants Claude to find a snitch to tell them where the Yute Boss is so he can be punished.


Trey: Trey Welsh here. The small-time Yute gang is getting cocky, crushing our new Zaibatsu cars for scrap. I want answers. There's a snitch called Lefty by the Casino. Find out what he knows.

(Claude reaches the Casino.)

Trey: That's Lefty! Beat the son-of-a-bitch until he tells us where his Boss is hiding. But don't kill him until he talks, Gecko!

Lefty: Hey, I don't know shit. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you or Trey Welsh.

(Claude beats Lefty.)

Lefty: Settle down, tough guy! The bloke you need is relaxing at the Easy Rider Whore House.

Trey: Steal a Yute car from the South Docks, Gecko - and don't take no shit.

(Claude steals the Yute Shark.)'

Trey: Was that fun? Now move it to the Easy Rider Whore House!

(Claude arrives at the Whore House.)

Trey: Sound the horn, Gecko. The dumb Yute will think his driver has come to collect him.

(Claude sounds the horn and the Yute gets in.)

Trey: It seems someone bigger is behind the car crushing, Gecko. Bring the Yute Boss to Zaibatsu HQ and we will use electrode therapy to find out what he knows.

(Claude drives away.)

Trey: Good work, Gecko - you got the Yute Boss! Now bring him and the Yute Car to Zaibatsu headquarters. And make sure they both stay in one piece.

(Claude arrives at the HQ.)

Trey: Stay in the car, Gecko, while our friend gets out to talk.

(The Yute Boss speaks to the Zaibatsu.)

Trey: We got what we wanted. Take our friend to the South Docks and show him how his car crusher works first-hand.

(Claude arrives at the South Docks.)

Trey: Get out of the car and let the crane do the work, Gecko. But don't go anywhere. Watch and learn how Zaibatsu recycle their waste.

(The car is crushed.)

Trey: Eradicating these childish threats is a constant problem, Gecko. But now you are richer by $40,000.


Mission completion rewards the player with $40,000.