A Revenger's Tragedy

A Revenger's Tragedy is the final storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto IV if the Deal storyline was chosen. It follows the mission Mr and Mrs Bellic and is triggered by a phone call Niko receives from Little Jacob.

A Revenger's Tragedy
Dimitri executing his friend Pegorino, proving his disloyalty to everyone
Dimitri executing his friend Pegorino, proving his disloyalty to everyone

Dimitri executing his friend Pegorino, proving his disloyalty to everyone
For Little Jacob , Niko Bellic
Target Dimitri Rascalov
Location Alderney
Reward X360 Achievement / PS3 Trophy - You Won
Unlocks Nothing
Unlocked by Mr. and Mrs. Bellic (Deal)


This completes the "deal" variant of the main story of GTA IV. The credits roll and end with Niko saying "So this is what the dream feels like, this is the victory we longed for". If you're playing the PS3 version, you get a Trophy, You Won. If you're playing the Xbox 360 or PC you get an Achievement, 60GS You Won. Also if you have beaten the game under 30 hours, you will get the Liberty City Minute trophy/achievement.

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  • Like in Out of Commission, the track "Pruit Igoe" by Philip Glass can be heard over the final cutscene. This song can be heard on The Journey during normal gameplay, and was notably used in the first GTA IV trailer. The song can also be heard on the radio during the final moments of the car chase.
  • After the mission, Niko will receive numerous phone calls in the game-hours following. One from Mallorie, revealing her pregnancy; one from Brucie, stressing how "wrong" the loss was; and Kate, stating that she is there for Niko if he needs her; although Niko brushes her off, he can start dating her again. Niko will also receive an email from Brucie, stating that he is there for him.
  • Despite being dead, Roman is still included on Niko's speed-dial. Calling the number just gets Roman's stock voice mail message.
  • After the mission, most friendship perks that were made unavailable in the endgame are reactivated, with the obvious exception of Roman's car service. Also, Francis is no longer listed on your phone, so his clear wanted level service is no longer available (however, if you are still dating Kiki and have high enough friendship, you can continue to use her version of the service).
  • Two news stories run on the Liberty Tree's website related to the Deal storyline itself, one inaccurately detailing the death of Roman (this one is actually available for viewing immediately after Roman dies), and another noting the death of Dimitri at Happiness Island. There is also another story reporting on the death of Jon Gravelli.
  • If the player's boat gets hit by the helicopter's rocket launcher, the player will die instantly and Dimitri's helicopter will lose control and crash into the water for no reason.
  • The color of the jacket worn by the man who kicks Niko out of Dimitri's helicopter varies in color from play to play.
  • If the player fails to climb up into Jacob's Annihilator in time, they will fall into the sea and the helicopter will crash.
  • The boat used by Niko to chase Dimitri is same as the one used by Pegorino to escape in the Revenge ending.


  • Niko will sometimes die when he falls out of Dimitri's helicopter and hits the water, regardless of how much health he has.
  • Sometimes Jacob's helicopter will be blown out of the sky the moment Niko starts climbing into it.