Grand Theft Auto IV/Trailers

Trailer 1: "Things Will Be Different"

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV was released on March 29, 2007 at 22:00 UTC. At the time the trailer was released, Rockstar's servers for the trailer's official website became almost immediately overloaded.

The trailer is 1:03 in length and features the main protagonist Niko Bellic, who has a brief monologue: "Life is complicated; I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different." The trailer ends with the "IV" and fades out to the Rockstar logo.

The trailer features several New York City landmarks, including locations and structures resembling the Coney Island Cyclone, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the MetLife Building. You will notice the Ferry Terminal and the way letters are missing. This shows us it isn't all pristine and still has all that GTA charm. The trailer uses a similar cinematic style to Godfrey Reggio's 1982 documentary film Koyaanisqatsi and used Philip Glass's original music from the film (the opening and closing stanzas of the track "Pruitt-Igoe", which features in game on the radio station The Journey) as well as emulated time-lapsed filming from "The Grid".

Rockstar has stated that all the trailer's footage is in High-Definition 720p, generated real-time by the game's RAGE engine, running on an actual game console.

Trailer 2: "Looking for that Special Someone"

On June 28, 2007 at 12:00 EST, the second trailer was released, entitled Looking for that Special Someone. The trailer is 1:06 in length and begins with many aerial shots of Liberty City before showing Niko in conversation whist in the remodeled Stallion car who replies "We're all looking for that special someone". It also reveals Niko can hold on to the backs of vehicles and skids of helicopters. It also displays improved particle effects, particularly on weapons, and demonstrates the increased force of the police. Roman is also partly revealed in the second trailer, and unlike Niko he does not speak with an Eastern European accent. El Burro and 8-Ball make cameos as their game art is depicted as graffiti on a building opposite the Bank of Liberty, GTA Vice City motorcycle artwork is also apparent on the wall. Other recurring elements from the GTA series appear in the trailer as well; Binco, Sprunk, Burger Shot and Cluckin' Bell to name a few.

The song played in the second trailer is "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)" by a New York-based band, The Boggs, which is featured on the in-game radio station Radio Broker.

Trailer 3: "Move Up, Ladies"

The third trailer, entitled Move Up, Ladies, was released on December 6, 2007. This video contains a variety of dialogue and action sequences. The trailer was announced along with the unveiling of the official box art on November 28, 2007. The song played in the trailer is "King Ring" by Seryoga, which is featured on the in-game radio station Vladivostok FM.

Trailer 4: "Everyone's a Rat"

The fourth and final trailer before the release of GTA IV was released on March 27, 2008. Like the previous trailer, this trailer contains a lot of action sequences, and displays the game's Euphoria physics as well as the new particle effects and explosions. The song played in the trailer is "Real Mckoy" by Mavado, featured on the in-game radio station Massive B Soundsystem 96.9.

Official Grand Theft Auto IV TV Commercial

The Official Grand Theft Auto IV TV Commercial is the trailer meant to be aired on television commercials. Usually parts of this video are used in commercials and not all of it. The song used in the trailer is "Vagabond" by Greenskeepers, featured on Radio Broker.

Fall 2008 TV Commercial

The Fall 2008 TV Commercial is the trailer for the PC version of GTA IV. The trailer uses the song "Cry" by Godley & Creme, featured on Liberty Rock Radio.