A Revenger's Tragedy/Script

The following is a script of the mission "A Revenger's Tragedy" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone call

Little Jacob: Niko, I found one of Jimmy Pegorino's boys inna some building in Koresh Square. Ya see, after dat heroin deal, Dimitri's hangin out wit Pegorino now. I tink dis boy gonna lead me to right where Jimmy and Dimitri are.

Niko: Wait for me, I'm on my way. We will do this for Roman.

Little Jacob: Seen. One love, Niko.


Little Jacob: Get in, Niko.

Little Jacob: Niko, get inna the car.

Little Jacob: Come on me breda. Get inna the car.

(Niko gets in the car with Jacob)

Little Jacob: Alright, me breda. That blood clot is inna the place right now. I been following him for some time. Me think his next stop is with Pegorino and Dimitri. We follow him there, seen?

Niko: Thank you, Jacob. I know you cared for Roman, but he was my family. You do not have to do this.

Little Jacob: Roman was my boy ya know? I doin' this for him. Rhaatid, there's Pegorino's boy. You have fe stick to him, bredren.

(Pegorino's men see Jacob and Niko)

Mafia: Fuck, we got a tail. Better lose this piece of shit on the way back to the Peg. I don't wanna be late.

(Niko begins tailing the mobsters)

Niko: How you know he's going back to Pegorino and Dimitri? Why would he lead us back to them?

Little Jacob: Dimitri and Pegorino, they be pon top after that deal, ya know. They got de coil and de brown, didn't dey? Dem ras clots tink dem are de dons of dons. There ain't no way those boys gonna be scared of some boys like I and I following their boy, ya know. Also, dey ain't going to know their boy at the wedding didn't do his job properly. They tink ya dead, ya know.

Niko: If Dimitri and Pegorino are so on top, why would they care about me? Why would they bother to send a hitman to the wedding?

Little Jacob: Me tink dem be afraid of ya, ya know, me breda. Dimitri tinks dat you forget about what happen on the docks ya know, in Broker. Him screw ya over after ya kill Faustin for him.

Niko: I did not forget about this, but I let it slide in the interest of business. Sending an assassin after me and killing Roman on his wedding day, this is something I will not ignore.

Little Jacob: True me breda, true. I ain't gwan fe let it go neither.

(Niko continues to tail the mobsters)

Niko: I just want to drive this scum off of the road and smash his brain out on the concrete.

Little Jacob: We not angry at him, ya know, Niko. It's di people he's working for, seen? We haffi get to dem, so we follow dis bumba clot, seen?

Niko: Yeah, I understand. I get it. I just need those bastards to know and understand what they did to me.

Little Jacob: Me want get dem bumba clot dem too, ya know. Dem boy dey no right ya know, come inna church and come kill a man pon his wedding day. Jah know, it ain't right.

Niko: Dimitri and Pegorino will find this out as well, they will find it out when they stare down the barrel of my gun.

Little Jacob: Yo Niko, ya need fe lose some of dis anger, ya know, before ya go after dem boy dere. Ya mind be clouded and ya don't be able fe tink clearly, ya know. You want some weed?

Niko: I do not need any marijuana, Jacob. I can think clearly enough.

Little Jacob: Alright, Niko, man. Alright.

Niko: I came to this city wanting revenge, I let that desire build up inside of me for many years. I let it eat out everything good in me. It took me over. I cannot allow that to happen again, not to me, not to Mallorie and everyone who loved Roman. We must find Dimitri and Pegorino and end all this.

(The mobsters and Niko exit Plumber's Skyway)

Little Jacob: Ya man, we getting closer. Me hear from me source dat Pegorino might be inna di north of Alderney.

Niko: Okay, this is good news. I do not know how much of this driving I can continue to do.

Little Jacob: I an' I gwan find dem, we going to find dem and take dem out, for real, dat's what we doing for Roman.

Niko: Roman brought me to this city and I was nothing but a curse to him. He was beaten because of me, he was shot, his business and his home were burnt down. He was kidnapped. I should have known that the lives of those close to me would be destroyed.

Little Jacob: I don't tink you have a choice about dat, ya know, Niko. Roman loved you. No matter what he was gonna get close to ya. Because, before you come all him a do is talk about him cousin, Niko. If you didn't wanna come up here, he was gonna go to Europe and drag you pon a boat. That's just the way Roman was. Don't ever forget him, seen?

Niko: I will not forget him. Nor will I let these men forget him.

(Niko and Jacob reach an abandoned casino)

Little Jacob: Alright, dis be de place, ya know, me bredren. What's the plan?

Niko: I have to do this alone, Jacob.

Little Jacob: There be nuff blood clots inna de place ya know, that's suicide.

Niko: Roman was my cousin and I cannot put anyone else at risk. If you want to help me, find a way for us to make a swift exit when these men are dead. Goodbye Jacob.

Little Jacob: One love, rasta.

(Niko enters the casino and gets a text message from Jacob)

I got an escape plan for you, star. Keep your eyes on the sky, sight?

(Niko finds Dimitri holding Pegorino at gunpoint)

Pegorino: Dimitri, what's the problem? Me and you is partners now. We're back on top.

Dimitri: I didn't work this hard to share the spoils of a victory. Goodbye.

(Dimitri kills Pegorino)

Niko: Dimitri, you and me is gonna end this.

Dimitri: You will fall too. Someone will take you down.


Dimitri: I laughed when I heard that Roman was dead.

Dimitri: I knew you were nothing from the moment I saw you.

Dimitri: You're a piece of Balkan shit.

Dimitri: I do not regret sending that man for you.

Dimitri: You're a Balkan peasant. You're worth nothing.

Dimitri: I wish you had died along with your cousin.

Dimitri: You and your stupid cousin is always going to be bums.

Dimitri: If only I'd let Faustin kill you.

Dimitri: I should have killed you in Hove Beach. (Dimitri flees and Niko chases after him)

Dimitri: Get the Balkan swine. Kill this piece of shit. What are you waiting for? Kill him. Why is this man still breathing? Kill him. Kill him. Kill him. How is he still alive? Kill him.

(Niko fights more Russians on the roof)

Niko: I don't care how many of your men I have to kill, I'm finding you, Dimitri.

Niko: This is for Roman.

Niko: Your hitman didn't kill me, Dimitri!

Niko: Dimitri Rascalov, I'm coming for you!

Niko: Roman was a good man.

Niko: If you guys give up Dimitri, you might survive. Otherwise you're dead men.

Niko: Why do I have to keep killing?

Niko: You fucking killed Roman on his wedding day. It's over for you.

(Dimitri gets in a helicopter and Niko runs and grabs onto a skid)

Niko: You're not getting away, Dimitri!

(A Russian stomps on Niko's hands causing him to fall into the ocean.)

Niko: Dammit.

(He then gets in a boat and chases the helicopter)

Niko: You'll stop running one day, Dimitri.

Niko: You snake, Dimitri...

Niko: My cousin was all I had in this city. Shit!

Niko: Fight me like a man. Come on.

Niko: You're going to wish your pussy hitman killed me and not Roman.

Niko: You're going to have to land sometime, Dimitri.

Niko: Roman, man, I'll get him for you.

Niko: I'll fucking get you. Mark my words.

(Niko arrives in an Annihilator)

Little Jacob: Niko, mek we get dis ras clot. Get under me chopper and jump on.

(Niko jumps onto a skid and pulls himself into the helicopter.)

Niko: I'm going to catch Dimitri and end this for good.

Little Jacob: Did you get Pegorino back at de place, bredren?

Niko: Dimitri saved me the trouble. He stabbed Pegorino in the back, just like he did to everyone he has worked with while I have known him. Now, it stops.

Little Jacob: Don't worry, rasta. I gwan shoot him out de blood clot sky. He ain't going to be able to talk his way outta dis.

Niko: You were there when Dimitri first wronged me. If we had got him then, Roman would still be alive. Things would be good.

Little Jacob: Dat was a long time ago, ya know, king. Dere ain't no promise dat life would be any different from now, ya know. All we can be tinking about is taking dat ras clot down, and stopping him from hurting anyone else. Seen? Dey say a dying animal is de most dangerous inna de jungle, ya know, cousin. So, ya better be careful.

Niko: That is the plan, Jacob. I will put a bullet in his heart for every life he ruined, for every agreement he went back on, for every friend he betrayed.

Little Jacob: Dat be a whole heap of teeth, ya know, Niko. I don't tink we have enough ammo fe shoot him dat many times, ya know.

Niko: Perhaps one bullet in his brain will have to do then.

Little Jacob: Seen.

(Jacob shoots Dimitri's helicopter and it catches on fire)

Niko: Good shooting Jacob.

(A rocket from Dimitri's helicopter hits Niko's Annihilator)

Little Jacob: Lord protect us. We shot and ting.


Little Jacob: We shot, dis ain't good.

Little Jacob: We going down, we going down.

(Niko's Annihilator crash lands on Happiness Island)

Niko: Hold on.

(Dimitri's helicopter lands and he flees)

Little Jacob: Mek we finish him.

Niko: Let me go alone. I want some personal time with Dimitri.

(Niko finds and confronts Dimitri and severely wounds him)

Niko: Welcome to America!

Dimitri: Fuck you... you dick.

Niko: Speak English. You're a strange man. You killed your best friend. You betrayed everyone who ever came in contact with you. You killed my cousin. I guess... the survival of the fittest thing really meant a lot to you.

(Dimitri succumbs to his wounds and Jacob catches up to Niko)

Little Jacob: Come on Niko man. Get out of here. Let's go. Come on! Wha gwan. Come on. Let's go!

Niko: Roman... never hurt... anyone.

Little Jacob: I know. I know. Let's go man. It's over. You won.

(The credits roll)

Niko: So, this is what the dream feels like, this is the victory we longed for.

Alternate dialogue

(Niko begins tailing the mobsters)

Niko: Alright, so this guy is taking us to his bosses. We cannot kill him yet then. I guess I'll just have to pass the time by thinking about how much I'm going to punish these scum.

Little Jacob: Just be calm now, rasta. Just make sure ya don't lose dat blood clot. Tink about how ya gwan mash dem up when time ya find out which part dem a hide.

Niko: I must think of something.

Little Jacob: Seen, think about how you going to bust these bitches up then.

Niko: I can't believe I did that deal with Dimitri. How could I trust him? I'm a fool. I thought the money would help Roman and the people I loved.

Little Jacob: A leopard don't change him spots, ya know, Niko. A man stab you in the back once, him gonna keep stabbing until di job is done, seen?

Niko: I have finally learnt this lesson. It has taken the death of my cousin, but it is something I must accept.

(Niko continues to tail the mobsters)

Niko: Come on, why does this take so long? Where are these idiots hiding out?

Little Jacob: Easy Niko, just be cool now. Pegorino and Dimitri be splitting up de large amount of money dem get from de business deal. Everybody in Liberty City know dat, so dem after de money too. So dem man dem haffi hide out for real.

Niko: They could not hide anywhere that would keep me away from them. To get them back for what they have done, I would look for them in every corner of the earth.

Little Jacob: Roman was a good man, ya know. He had a righteous heart, ya know, star. Jah know him in a better place now.

Niko: Roman should be in his marriage bed. He was a good man. No matter what happened to him, he would never be angry or upset for more than a minute. If there was any way I could change my actions so that he would not die, I would do it. I would sacrifice anything.

Little Jacob: What's done is done, and dere ain't no way to change what happen earlier.

Niko: You are right, but we can change what is about to happen. We can make sure that Roman's life is not the only one that is lost today.

Little Jacob: Seen, we just need fe stay on dis bumba clot and we'll be able to mash dem up real good.

Niko: I am doing my best.

(Niko and the mobsters exit Plumber's Skyway)

Niko: Are we getting near to them or is this man taking us on a tour around Alderney?

Little Jacob: I can tell him getting nervous, ya know, Niko. He's driving different. We must be getting close.

Niko: He has reason to be nervous, the man who will kill his employer is following him.

Little Jacob: Yo Niko, Dimitri and Pegorino gwan have mad firepower pon di ground, ya know. Dis ain't gwan be easy. De boy leading us back because him tink him boys going fe tear us to pieces and ting.

Niko: Well then I am looking forward to disappointing his expectations.

Little Jacob: Me understand ya know, rasta. It's a good ting dat blood clot don't know you as good as I and I know ya, ya know? If he did, ya know, say him boss don' have long fe live 'pon this earth.

Niko: I had the opportunity to settle the score with Dimitri the other day but I chose not to take it. Instead I did the business deal that lead to Roman getting killed. Had I got rid of Dimitri then, the bloodshed would have ended.

Little Jacob: Dere ain't no guarantee you gonna make it, bredren. I and I don't know what our actions can do and ting. Anything could happen if you kill Dimitri pon dat day.

Niko: Yes, but the chances of my cousin being dead would be much slimmer. Roman was a gambler, he would've liked those odds.

(Niko and Jacob begin chasing Dimitri in an Annihilator)

Little Jacob: Who dat inna de helicopter? Did Dimitri and Pegorino both leave when you get inna de ground?

Niko: No, Dimitri killed Pegorino when I arrived. I don't think he likes to share.

Little Jacob: A snake always be a snake, ya know rasta. Dimitri woulda steal from his own mother fe get ahead, ya know.

Niko: I think he probably did. We'd have to go to Russia to find out though. Maybe we should go with Dimitri's body. Bury him in his homeland.

Little Jacob: Cha! A burial be too good for that bumba clot, ya know. He ain't worth putting inna di ground, ya know, star. We leave him out for de dogs and crows.

Niko: We catch him, then we kill him, then we decide what to do with the body. How's that sound, Jacob?

Little Jacob: Ya man ya man. How' de ginnal get away from you anyway, Niko? Me tink ya get dat boy for sure.

Niko: He had many men there. Both Russians and Pegorino's men. I had to fight through a lot of people to get to Dimitri.

Little Jacob: Seen Niko, a whole heap of bodies left inna dat place dere, ya know? Ya a real lion for real, ya know, star? Jah know not many man could a got through dem boys, ya know, star. Ya a real badman for real, real badman!

Niko: I do this for my cousin and for his wife. I needed to make Dimitri pay.

Little Jacob: Nuh, man. I and I do dis for Roman.

Niko: Roman did not deserve to die. Not on this day, not in that place.

Little Jacob: Me feeling dat, ya know, breda, I and I gwan get him.

Post mission phone calls


Niko: Mallorie, the man who got Roman killed is dead.

Mallorie: That won't bring him back will it? He'll never even meet his son.

Niko: Son?

Mallorie: I'm pregnant, we were going to say something at the reception.

Niko: Your child will never worry about anything, Mallorie.

Mallorie: Thank you, Niko. I know you're trying, but a child without a father has a lot to worry about. Trust me on that one.


Kate: Niko, I heard about your cousin. Niko, I am so sorry...

Niko: So am I.

Kate: If you want to talk about it, if you want anything, Niko. If you just want company. Call me.

Niko: I want Roman back.

Kate: Don't let this ruin you, Niko. Don't let this make you even more insular and angry. Please, call me and we can do something.

Niko: I might do that, there are more important things to be doing now though.

Niko: Hello?

Kate: Niko, it's Kate.

Niko: Hello, Kate. How are you?

Kate: I'm fucking awful if you must know.

Niko: Please don't say that. Why?

Kate: I can't do this.

Niko: Can't do what?

Kate: I like you, I like you too much, but I know you. I know the life you lead.

Niko: What does that mean?

Kate: It means... it means I'm going away. It means, I love you, but I won't bring children into this world to be raises without a father... it means, I don't know what it fucking means. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Roman. I'm sorry about the life you've led. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll send you an email. Goodbye.


Brucie: I can't believe it, man. He's gone, he's fucking gone. Chubby man has left us. Fuck.

Niko: He didn't leave us, Brucie. He was taken away and he ain't coming back.

Brucie: And on his fucking wedding day, man. I learned so much from him man, about life and shit, important stuff like that. You know? It's so wrong, so fucking wrong.

Niko: I know, Brucie. Believe me, I know. Later on.

Failing the mission

Mobsters/Dimitri escape

Little Jacob: Cha, him get away from us. I'm gwan find Dimitri and Pegorino. We gwan make 'em pay for Roman.

Niko: I hope so, I see you later.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Little Jacob: Cha, dat are some dangerous shit.

Little Jacob: Cha, Dimitri lose us and ting.

Dimitri: Cha, him always get away from us.

Little Jacob: Climb in, Niko.

Mafia: Come on, how's this guy still alive? Kill him.

Little Jacob: Come on, Niko. Grab on.

Little Jacob: Come on, Niko. You need fe get under me chopper. Grab on!

Little Jacob: Dat's what friends are for ya know, rasta.

Niko: Dimitri Rascalov, I'm coming for you!

Little Jacob: Dimitri still out dere, ya know. We can get him still, ya know.

Little Jacob: Dis is for Roman.

Little Jacob: Dis over for ya, ya bumba clot.

Little Jacob: Dis ras clot be too high fe shoot from down here.

Little Jacob: Don't worry, rasta. Dere's gonna be another opportunity, and I gwan get him for Roman.

Little Jacob: Feel me teeth, Dimitri.

Little Jacob: Get closer to di chopper so I and I can get to dis ras clot.

Little Jacob: Get closer to me chopper Niko. You need fe grab on.

Little Jacob: Get into the chopper, Niko.

Little Jacob: Get lower so I and I can punish him raas!

Little Jacob: Get me in closer fe shoot di ras clot.

Little Jacob: Get under me chopper, Niko.

Little Jacob: Get up inna here.

Little Jacob: Get up so me can get some shots in , Niko.

Little Jacob: Get we in closer so we can kill di bumb clot.

Little Jacob: He getting away!

Russian: He is only one Slav, you powerful Americans must be able to kill him.

Mafia: Hey Russians. Fucking whack this guy already.

Niko: Hold on, Jacob. We're going down!

Little Jacob: I ain't close enough fe take out di bumba clot down, yet.

Niko: I am not waiting to find him as long as I waited for Darko Brevic.

Little Jacob: I an' I is too low. Get me some height.

Little Jacob: I can't be doing no shooting from above. Get down.

Little Jacob: I can't catch a ras clot if we crash, ya know, Niko.

Mafia: I don't trust these fucking Russian crooks. They're all gangsters.

Mafia: I hope you ain't killing this guy because he sounds funny too.

Little Jacob: I need fe get up fe shoot him, come on.

Mafia: I never thought I'd be working with the reds.

Niko: I think we're in trouble. Hold onto something.

Russian: I thought you were big bad Mafia, why do you need our help to kill this Slav?

Niko: If I had got onto the chopper, shit. Dimitri must still be in Liberty City.

Little Jacob: Jacob, I lost Dimitri. He's still out there.

Little Jacob: Jump up, me breda. Do it.

Little Jacob: Keep your eyes dem open, Niko.

Little Jacob: Land pon de island, make sure him dead.

Russian: Make sure it is Russian bullet that kill this idiot.

Little Jacob: Me can't shoot at Dimitri from up here. Bring it down.

Little Jacob: Me can't shoot di bumba clot from back here, ya know.

Little Jacob: Me get de dogheart. Dimitri's chopper gwan down pon the island.

Little Jacob: Me need fe take out him engine, get close.

Little Jacob: Niko, watch where you flying.

Russian: Piece of shit... eat hard metal!

Little Jacob: Rasta, you need fe get closer.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, dat was close.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, we nearly had him.

Little Jacob: Roman dead because of you!

Mafia: Something ain't right about these commies. Why ain't they killed him yet?

Little Jacob: Stop fucking around out there, Niko. Get in.

Niko: Thanks for coming to get me, Jacob. I thought he was getting away.

Mafia: The Russians pissed this guy off, they should kill him.

Mafia: There's something up with that Dimitri guy.

Russian: These idiot gangsters are gonna lose this fight for us.

Mafia: These Ruskies better not try and screw the Peg.

Niko: We do not want to take any chances.

Little Jacob: We got too much altitude, Niko. Get lower.

Niko: We must still be able to find him.

Niko: We need to get him soon. Goodbye, Jacob.

Little Jacob: We need to have some height so me can shoot him, Niko.

Russian: We will show these Americans how real men fight.

Niko: We're gonna crash, Jacob. Hold on!

Little Jacob: What you doing? Get in.

Little Jacob: Ya a mafia don, ya know, Niko. Take control of this ting. You got de flying skills.

Little Jacob: Ya ain't going anywhere, ya ras clot.

Little Jacob: You going down, Dimitri.

Little Jacob: You need fe grab on to me chopper, Niko.

Russian: You stupid Americans better not get us killed.

Little Jacob: You too high, rasta. Bring it down.