Starfish Casino

The Starfish Casino, also known as the Starfish Resort and Casino, is a family-oriented casino and resort on The Strip, Las Venturas, being largely inaccessible but features a huge multi-storey carpark.

The Starfish Resort and Casino in Las Venturas, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The casino has advertisements running on radio stations in the San Andreas (where it is referred to as the "Starfish Resort and Casino"), and is a rival to the many other casinos in Las Venturas. The casino is located next to The Clown's Pocket.

It is based on the real-life Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon in Las Vegas.




Radio advertisement transcript

Father: Oh kids. You look like we're going to another funeral.

Kids: Dad, we're bored!

Man: You teach your children a lot of good American values. But have you taught them how to have fun? For family entertainment that doesn't stop, head over to the Starfish Resort and Casino in Las Venturas. You deserve this kind of fun. Waterslides! Shooting range! And the kids love the Giggledome! Plus, we've got the hottest gaming in town! Nobody offers you more gaming value. And, you'll teach the kids some important life lessons about real capitalism.

Boy: Dad, I lost all my money!

Father: You've learned a valuable lesson. Son, it's time for your first lapdance.

Boy: Yeah, guns!

Man: Time is meaningless in the land of tomorrow. It's the Starfish Resort and Casino. Mom can go all night on the one-armed bandits, while the kids visit the Little Tykes Pawn Shop.

Boy: How'd you do Cherice?

Cherice: I busted myself and sold a kidney.

Mother: That's my girl!

Man: Share the love - the love of money. And the Starfish Resort and Casino has the best buffet in Las Venturas, featuring our world-famous bacon trough! The Starfish Resort and Casino. This kind of fun should be illegal!


  • The radio advertising for the Starfish Resort and Casino plays an instrumental version of the Cluckin' Bell theme song in the background.