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Grand Theft Auto: Give Me Liberty is a GTA Fan Fiction project written by Connell "Gr8champ" Costello with script development (as well as development as a whole) beginning on September 4th, 2010.



"Give Me Liberty" begins early 2001. Claude drives through Shawshank Place with Catalina, his girlfriend and an unknown member of the Columbian Cartel. The trio break into the Bank of Liberty branch, with Catalina instructing Claude to "come out last, baby". Claude nods and the raid starts.

Catalina and the unknown Cartel member exit with Claude remaining inside. Suddenly, Catalina shoots the Cartel member and shoots Claude, claming he was "small time" and she's an "ambitious girl".) She leaves Claude for dead.

Claude meets Salvatore Leone and his wife, Maria Latore. Salvatore often treats Maria like crap and Claude like a brother. Maria is jealous and breaks it off with Salvatore. Claude goes to visit Maria and nearly gets shot (again). Maria introduces Claude to Asuka Kasen, Kenji Kasen, Kazuki Kasen, Toshiko Kasen and Yuka Kasen. However, no-one can get to know each other as Salvatore is outside, waiting to bomb her house, preparing to kill Claude, Maria, The Kasens and himself. She says "Goodbye" to Maria, saying she can "rot in hell, you stuck-up bitch!". Salvatore lights the bomb killing all but Claude, Maria and Asuka. They go to the hospital in Rockford, Staunton Island. Claude is discharged first and he goes to the bathroom. While he's in the bathroom, a blackout occurs. During this, Asuka is killed and Maria is kidnapped. Catalina leaves a letter saying to come to the Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove with $50, 000, 000 or Maria's toast.

Claude does as he's asked and brings the money. However, it's a trap and Catalina escapes, hoping to get Claude murdered. But Claude then escapes and follows Catalina to the Cochrane Dam where he shoots down Catalina's helicopter and rescues Maria. However, she won't shut up and a shot is fired.

The stage is set for Grand Theft Auto: Give Me Liberty.

Chapter One

Maria Latore: What the hell are you doing? Oh, my god! My shoes. My brand spanking-goddamn new shoes! What the hell happen--? Oh, crap. I peed myself! What the hell? Whatever, we need to find a new place. Where? I KNOW!

(Claude looks pained)

Maria: The Cartel Mansion!

(Claude looks at Maria as if saying "No!")

Maria: Why? Because you got that place in Staunton? Ok. Fine. Can we go there?

(Claude nods)

Unknown Female: Subjects 03213 and 03214 have left Cochrane Dam to go to Belleville Park. Send a messenger.

Unknown Male: To say?

Unknown Female: That Asuka Kasen is back and FUCKING READY!

Unknown Male: Shit!

(Shoreside Lift Bridge, Claude and Maria)

Maria: Oh my god! Did you hear about that Old Oriental Gentleman? Apparently, he was halfway to Vice City's Escobar International Airport and he got shot down and died on top of Caligula's Palace. Thank fuck I don't own that anymore!