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Days of the week were introduced in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Before this, only time of day mattered. Now certain events only take place on certain days, in addition to certain times. Saving your game at a Safehouse, or using a Pay 'n' Spray (GTA IV), will advance time faster. The seven days of the week are discussed in detail below.

File:GTA San Andreas stats.jpg
GTA San Andreas day of the week is displayed at the bottom when Stats are brought up.

Days in GTA San Andreas

  • Certain vehicles only spawn on certain days of the week (also depend on time, current car driven, and locations).
  • Several side missions and events only occur on certain days, for example Exports and Imports. Vehicles can only be imported on a specific day.
  • Rare Car Sightings lists some of the harder to find cars and what day they can be found. The specific details to find them will be under individual vehicle pages, location section.
Day Missions Exports & Imports Rare Car Sightings
Sunday Beat the Cock! Triathlons are available. Club, Stretch, Sentinel, Blista Compact; Slamvan
Monday Loco Syndicate Drug Courier makes cash runs at 5am. Perennial, Camper, Buffalo, Comet; Turismo
Tuesday Jester, Feltzer, Infernus; Bandito
Wednesday Loco Syndicate Drug Courier makes drug runs anytime after 12am. Club, Sanchez, Windsor; Stafford
Thursday Perennial, Monster, Stallion; Rancher
Friday Loco Syndicate Drug Courier makes cash runs at 5am. Jester, Admiral, Sabre; Tanker
Saturday Remington, Patriot, FCR-900; Cheetah

Days in GTA IV