Liberty Tree Articles in GTA III/March 2001

The March 2001 issue of the online version of the fictional Liberty Tree newspaper (Vol. 1, Issue 2) was released on March 1, 2001. It is the second in a series of Liberty Tree issues to be released to promote Grand Theft Auto III.

The issue is given an olive color scheme with "Making The Truth An Entertaining Proposition" as its present motto.


From Baseball Bats to Rocket Launchers

Liberty City is over-run with unregistered weapons

By Chris Carruthers, Crime Correspondent
March 1st 2001 5:16pm EST

Last week's rocket launcher led to widespread panic, and death.

Gun sellers in Liberty City have never had it so good! Police are reporting incredible rises in the numbers and diversity of weapons owned by seemingly all of Liberty City's population as violent crime continues to be a blight on our great city. Last week's rocket launcher incident in the Trenton district, photos of which we are printing exclusively today, has been followed by a new outbreak of disturbances in the city. A new craze is sweeping through the city, thought to be linked to the repeated failure of the city's sports teams. Baseball bats are no longer used for hitting home runs, but for hitting home boys in a spate of what a police spokesman has called "Baseball batting people over the head." City sports retailers are reporting a 200% increase in bat sales compared with last year, even though it is only early March, while hospitals are reporting a huge increase in the number of bat injuries being treated in Emergency Rooms across the city. All of this suggests Liberty City is a long way from sorting out its crime problem, although it does bode well for the quality of coaching on offer to Little League players across the city.

Police interview a man who seems a long way from home plate.

The reasons for last week's rocket launcher attack are unknown. It seems that today, mindless violence can break out at any time in our city. Some criminologists think there may be a gang war taking place. Eric Ershwitz, Professor of Contemporary Crime at Liberty City Community College commented, "When people start blowing up cars and buildings with rocket launchers, there may well be a problem."

Thankfully, resourceful Libertarians are responding by driving to work in tanks, or by buying rocket launchers of their own, because everyone knows the last thing a bully with a rocket launcher wants is a missile bearing down on him at incredibly high speed.

Donald Love coming to Liberty

Liberty Tree News Bureau

March 1st 2001 2:41pm EST
LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Paul Marchiando

Following Barry Harcross's return to Liberty, his long term rival, Donald Love is also planning to invest in our great city.

Representatives of Love Inc have been buying property across the city, while Mr. Love, an American legend who has changed laws, opened casinos and cleared slums across America will be just the kind of entrepreneur Liberty needs to get it back on it's feet. He is promising "To take the opportunities that have presented themselves and make this city profitable again, whatever it takes."

Porter Tunnel Six Months Behind Schedule

Liberty Tree News Bureau

March 1st 2001 6:30pm EST
LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Andre Perkins

A completed section of the tunnel, the opening of which has been delayed until late Fall

Chief engineer and project director Winston Cole admitted at a meeting with the FBC Finance Group that funding would be required for an additional six months before the construction project would be ready for its first cross-bay traffic.

"Any engineering project of this complexity can hit problems which inevitably push back completion dates," Cole said, "We are lucky that a project so important to Liberty's economic development should have the understanding relationship we hold with our financiers, FBC."

The project, originally scheduled for completion in April this year, will now not see Liberty's economic districts linked until late October, which is good news for separatists and keen swimmers! Keep on smiling Liberty!

Report Confirms Liberty has NO Tourist Industry

Liberty Tree News Bureau

March 1st 2001 11:59am EST

Liberty has been quoted as 'the last place on Earth' many Americans would like to spend their vacations. Liberty enjoys some of the highest unemployment figures, annually fails Clean Air targets and has emergency services that are 'stretched to the limits' dealing with gang related crime.

But it is not all doom and gloom for the city - once one of America's most important centers of commerce. A series of aid packages from central government will see several major construction projects come to fruition this year in a bid to attract business and employment back to the city.

However, this process has been criticized by local crime experts. "Any construction project must deal with local crime problems, but Liberty is an extreme case. There isn't a square foot of Liberty that isn't gang territory and we estimate up to 30% of the total project budgets have found their way into the coffers of organized crime. We think any number of criminal groups are profiting out of Liberty's misery, while police corruption is rife." On a more positive note, it was unseasonably warm yesterday.


Theatre Correspondent, Morgan Merryweather takes you on a trip through Liberty's Theatre district and tells you what's a hit and what's not.

Thanks for all of your kind letters! One thing about major mental health problems is that they certainly let you know who your friends are, so to all of you who asked, I'm fine. My medication has been increased and the doctors think I may make a full recovery within the decade. Speeding me on my way has been a fine series of new plays in Liberty City running over the next 6 months. This season's offerings may not be Shakespeare, but they're not half bad! Combining traditional story-telling techniques with avant-garde improvisation, these are some of the new shows for all of the family to enjoy!

'Red Light' Licenses up for Renewal

Liberty Tree News Bureau

March 1st 2001 5:43am EST
LIBERTY CITY (RS) - Thomas Shaw

The five-yearly review of 'Red Light' licenses will be due at the end of the month. Citizen's groups have already started petitioning the Mayor's Office in an attempt to revamp the city's aging Red Light District. In recent months, Liberty's red light district, which hitherto had been the best adult entertainment center for miles around, has come under threat. Other red light districts with new facilities have begun to steal away Liberty's males, while the strength of the dollar has made Liberty susceptible to the powerful, and deregulated red light districts overseas, including Amsterdam, Bangkok and Baghdad. The Mayor, speaking exclusively to Liberty Tree promised, "Our red light district will be amongst the best, most vibrant, and immoral on earth by 2003." Way to go, Liberty City!


  • The issue includes a "double header" advertising of two alleged strip clubs (Dirty Habits and Twin Tub 2) (which links to the Rockstar Games website) as well as the usual Liberty City banner (which also links to the Rockstar Games website).
  • The issue includes "Big Angry Dogs" and "Souls for Sale" among the links on the left-side navigation bar.
  • "Porter Tunnel Six Months Behind Schedule" is the first of two news reports surrounding the Porter Tunnel. The other, published later in September 2001, also centers around another delay on the tunnel's opening.
  • Morgan Merryweather's "Entertainment" column is an early indication that he also write for the Liberty Tree, in addition to hosting Double Cleff FM in GTA III.