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In the run-up to the release of Grand Theft Auto III in October 2001, the official website for GTA III included online issues of the Liberty Tree which reports various fictional news related to the game's universe. Released on a monthly basis between February 2001 to October 2001, the news reports were meant to provide a basic backstory to events in GTA III, and humorously project Liberty City as a city seriously plagued with crime and corruption.

Each monthly issue consists of five to six news reports, some containing thumbnails of pre-release screenshots which the reader can view in full. Each issue also comes with online "advertising" tied to various other fake websites set up to promote GTA III or Rockstar Games' official website, and features unique color schemes and hidden humor within the left-hand (non-interactive) navigation bar.

The "subscribe" link on each Liberty Tree page also subscribes users to Rockstar Games' online newsletter rather than the newspaper.

List of issues