Algonquin Bridge

The Algonquin Bridge.

The Algonquin Bridge is a major river crossing in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is based on the Manhattan Bridge suspension bridge in New York City, with noticeable omissions of the arches between the two halves of each tower on the bridge. Its location more closely approximates the Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge.


The Algonquin Bridge crosses the Humboldt River between Downtown Broker and Lancet, Algonquin. It passes over Colony Island and the Algonquin end of the Bridge is directly next to the Civilization Committee building. The Colony Island tramway runs directly to the south of the bridge, terminating on Colony Island. The bridge is north of the Broker Bridge and south of Charge Island and the East Borough Bridge.


The Algonquin Bridge carries four lanes of heavy traffic on two sections of road, the northern-most road carrying traffic to Algonquin, the southern-most road carrying traffic from Algonquin. The Algonquin Bridge connects to Kunzite Street on the Algonquin side, and onto the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway on the Broker side of the river. Beneath these two roadways of traffic are four subway tracks, the Broker Line which connects to the Algonquin Outer Line. There are also three pedestrian walkways, two side walkways on the north and south edges of the bridge and a central walkway in the middle.

Due to hardware limitations, the GTA Chinatown renditions restricts the bridge's traffic to road vehicles only.


  • While the GTA IV rendition of the bridge features only two suspension towers, the GTA Chinatown Wars features four.
  • Easy place to get the "One Man Army" Achievement by hiding under the bridge. (works best before you unlock Algonquin)
  • Like in GTA San Andreas, cars will merge into different lanes with little or no warning, often throwing you off guard, and more interestingly, when a subway train passes underneath, cars driving on top will swerve violently onto the next lane, causing pile ups in some cases.
  • Prior to Blow Your Cover, the bridge is closed to traffic, however the "coffee" cutscene shown when dating Michelle will always show traffic moving on the bridge, even before Algonquin is unlocked in the game.


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