As is any midtown Algonquin neighborhood, Lancet is occupied by a large number of skyscrapers. The GetaLife Building in Easton is visible in this view of Lancet to the south from Bismarck Avenue, which evokes that of Park Avenue's in Manhattan, New York City.

Lancet is a five-block, seaside neighborhood in Algonquin, Liberty City. The neighborhood is located along the Humboldt River, and borders Easton and Presidents City to the south by Jade Street, Star Junction to the west by Columbus Avenue, and Hatton Gardens to the north by Lorimar Street.


As is most midtown Algonquin districts, Lancet is heavily developed and populated by towering skyscrapers, both old and new. The area is similar with the real-life Turtle Bay and Kips Bay in New York City (based on its proximity with the UN Headquarters). However, several landmarks in Lancet are not necessarily based on buildings native to the bay area and draw inspiration from locations inland. Likewise, neighboring Hatton Gardens share certain attributes with Lancet, essentially linking the two districts more closely.

Place of interest

  • The Zirconium Building (based on the Chrysler Building) at Jade Street, between Bismarck and Columbus Avenue.
  • Prosperous Towers, apartments across Albany Avenue from the Civilization Committee complex, based on co-op residential towers at Tudor City Place [1] and referencing the proximity of the aforementioned Tudor City apartments with the UN Headquarters in New York City.
  • The Nicoise Hotel (at Columbus Avenue on the northwestern corner of Lancet opposite Columbus Cathedral, occupying an entire block) incorporates elements of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, but is not strictly adherent to its size, as its structural form and facade are scaled down (including only the central frontal and rear facade) and rearranged, and has a significantly shorter proportion than the Waldorf-Astoria. Its proximity with a church also mirrors that of the Waldorf-Astoria and St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church [2].
  • Lancet-Hospital Center, situated at Albany Avenue and Jade Street.


Lancet does not have access to train services within the neighbourhood. However, neighboring areas do, with Manganese East station on the Algonquin Outer Line in Hatton Gardens and the Easton interchange in Easton located roughly one or two blocks away from Lancet's limits.

Additionally, a footbridge that connects Broker and Algonquin through the Algonquin Bridge has an exit that leads to Albany Avenue in east Lancet. Lancet is also connected to Colony Island via a cable car station off Albany Avenue (just south beside the Algonquin Bridge), which directly carries passengers to Presidents Avenue on Colony Island.