East Borough Bridge

Panorama of the entire East Borough Bridge in GTA IV, as viewed to the northeast.

The East Borough Bridge(s) is a series of three bridge and a highway intersection in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV, based off of the Triborough Bridge (officially known as the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge). It connects the boroughs of Algonquin, Dukes and Bohan, as well as the small Charge Island.


The bridge elevates above much of Charge Island and has a toll plaza for drivers driving in or out of Dukes and Charge Island. There are two ways of using the bridge without paying: Traveling between Algonquin and Bohan (in either direction) and traveling between Dukes and Charge Island (in either direction). Using the bridge to make a different journey will result in a toll charge of $5. The East Borough Bridge is one of the three bridges that connect to Bohan; along with the Northwood Heights Bridge and Dukes Bay Bridge. The bridge is essentially three bridges as one, each span adjoined to Dukes, Algonquin and Bohan.

Being based on the Triborough Bridge, the East Borough Bridge's three sections are intended to emulate those of Triborough Bridge's; the eastern span is based on the East River suspension bridge, the western span imitates the Harlem River lift bridge (although the East Borough Bridge counterpart's lifting mechanism is non-functional), while the northern span is intended to be similar, but not strictly adherent, to the Bronx Kill crossing.


Accessing the East Borough Bridge is easy for the most part as the bridge is often entered or exited from a continuation of a major road. The East Borough Bridge becomes Harrison Street in the neighborhood of East Island City when it reaches Dukes. At the Algonquin end, the bridge leads into Ruby Street in Lancaster; and at the Bohan end, the bridge exits onto Gainer Street in South Bohan via an offramp. Entering the bridge from Bohan is done by using the on ramp from San Quentin Avenue in South Bohan. Charge Island access is obtained through on and off ramps from the bridge itself and Charge Island onto and off minor unnamed roads on the island.


  • Sometimes, LCPD officers can be found checking cars near the Algonquin exit for the bridge and fining them. If the player steals the car while an officer is checking it, the boot remains open.
  • The East Borough Bridge is the longest bridge in Liberty City.