Bad Standing

Bad Standing
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Game The Lost and Damned
For Ray Boccino and Johnny Klebitz
Target Brian Jeremy
Location Algonquin
Unlocks Diamonds in the Rough and Roman's Holiday
Unlocked by End of Chapter

Bad Standing is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Ray, to Johnny Klebitz.


You'll hook up with Jim, Terry and Clay again, this time meeting with GTA IV main-story character Ray Boccino. Ray needs a steady flow of "merchandise," and this civil war within the Lost MC is detracting from that. As he states, it's in his best interests to help out Johnny and crew in order to get things back in order so the steady flow can continue. The traitorous Brian has been located, holed-up in a safehouse in southern Alderney with a small squad of goons for protection. Johnny decides that the time has come to put an end to Brian's backstabbing ways for good. Upon arriving at the safehouse, Jim informs you that you can call either Terry or Clay for backup. Phoning either of the two will bring both to the scene.

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  • No matter what bike or vehicle you use to arrive at the mission trigger, after the cutscene you will be on a Hexer, and you cannot drive any other bike or vehicle to Brian's place, just the Hexer.
  • Completion of this mission awards you with Brian's safehouse to use as your own. There's parking in the front, and a bed upstairs in a back room near to where Brian was killed. Unlike the Lost MC clubhouse, this safehouse is devoid of anyone except yourself. The radio station LCHC is still playing extremely loud throughout the house like the clubhouse. There's no internet access or any of the other activities found within the Lost MC clubhouse, however bonus weapons and bikes earned from completing gang wars and other side missions will also spawn here.


  • If you call Terry or Clay,they will cover the rear exit of the house and you must toss a grenade into the second floor window.Ironically,Brian escapes through the back which is where Terry and Clay await him,this happens because the Lost MC traitors come out with guns firing at them both,making Brian escape on his bike while they are shooting at your backup.
  • If you are quick enough,you can kill Brian on his bike when he gets to the front before he flees the house.
  • If you chose the "Lone Wolf" option, Johnny will yell various things directed towards Brian while you're fighting your way through the house. He says two things that can be positively linked to films. He'll say "Heeere's Johnny," an obvious reference to the line spoken by Jack Nicholson's insane character in the movie The Shining. At another point he'll say something to the effect of "I'm here, Brian. Come out to play-e-ay." The last sentence is another reference, this time to the movie (and Rockstar Games game) The Warriors. The Rogues leader Luther taunts the Warriors with this line while clanking beer bottles together in one of the famous scenes.
  • The icon for for Brian's random encounter appears immediately upon completion of the mission. The opening cutscene for that mission has Johnny state he only told Brian to leave town five minutes before; this has a timely ring if you go to the random encounter immediately after completing "Bad Standing".